Show Time

Full-shot Hair Bag Close-up

I’m off to see the “Stars on Ice” show tonight! The Olympics really got me loving skating again, and I can’t wait to see what all the fabulous skaters will do! An ice show is kind of a weird thing to dress for, so I went with sort of a “festival” style look… I managed to wear the leggings from the AG skating outfit though, so that makes it appropriate, right? On a side note, I’m going out of town for an extended Easter break, but I will be back Wednesday! I may squeeze in an Easter post, but if you don’t hear from me, I’m probably too comatose from chocolate to feel like getting out for pictures.

What I’m wearing (running late so no links today, sorry!):
Sweater: AG Bitty Blossoms
Blouse: Clarisse Original
Skirt: KateLaruenDesigns on ETSY
Bag: DesignsbyOrvie on ETSY
Necklace: 2SistersSewCrafty on ETSY
Leggings: AG 2-in-1 Ice Skating Set
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet

A Brief Wintermission

Full-shot Hair Skirt Close-up Shoes

Apparently the spring decided to take a little “intermission,” and allow winter to come back overnight with a fresh dumping of snow. I resolved to stay away from windows and remain in denial of this vicious attack on spring, and thankfully found that the sun had conquered and melted the snow by the afternoon. This is why I took advantage of the surprise beach day on Monday- you never know when winter might come back to haunt you. Long live the spring!

What I’m wearing:

Tee: JanieJumps on ETSY 
Jacket: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY 
Skirt: AG Sweetheart Skirt Set 
Shoes: AG Kit’s Floral-Print Dress 
Necklace: Gift

On the Beach

Full-shot Close-up1 Lounging Sandals On the Sand

I took a 2 hour beach vacation today because it was in the 70′s, which is my beach temperature threshold. It was more of a “lounge on the sand” kind of day than a swimming day with the clouds and wind, but considering it’s only mid-April, I will take that for the Northeast. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to break out the swimsuits!

What I’m Wearing:
Dress: AG Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit 
Sandals: AG Emily’s Swimsuit 
Sunglasses: AG Beach Sunglasses 
Bracelet: 2SistersSewCrafty on ETSY
Bag: Repurposed gift bag
Towel: AG Kanani Paddleboard Set 

Weekday Excursion

Full-shot Close-up  Hat IMG_9085 IMG_9083

I took a trip to see the Yankee Candle Village store yesterday, and it was quite an experience! There were tons of beautiful displays, themed shops, and even a life-size Christmas village where it was magically snowing! My favorite spot was where they were doing demonstrations of beeswax candle-making. I love getting a glimpse of historical life, so it was wonderful to see how people used to make candles, and the demonstrator was even dressed in historical clothing to go along with the setting. It was a pleasant excursion indeed!

What I’m wearing:
Chambray Shirt: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY 
Blouse: Clarisse’s Closet on ETSY 
Pants and Hat: Clarisse Originals
Purse: Repurposed Pouch Necklace
Shoes: AG Ruthie’s Play Outfit 

Caramel and Pastel

Full-shot Hair Close-up Purse and Boots Close-up2

I wouldn’t have thought mixing caramel colored leathers with pastels would look that great, but it was working for me today! We are closing in on Easter, so all the pastel colored pieces in my wardrobe are jumping out at me, but it’s good to break it up a bit with more saturated colors to avoid looking like an actual Easter egg. There is a time and place for tacky Christmas attire, but I have a really hard time justifying tacky Easter clothes. I’m all for frilly dresses and hats, but things like THIS just make me sad.

What I’m Wearing:
Jacket: AG Sporty School
Tank: AG Picnic Time 
Skirt: JanieJumps on ETSY
Boots: AG Nicki’s Meet 
Bag: DesignsbyOrvie on ETSY


A 50′s Feeling

Full-shotClose-up Bag Shoes Hair

I was definitely feeling a bit of a 50′s vibe today with my pearls, pony-tail, and pedal-pusher pants. The outfit was mostly inspired by the bag though. This cute little tote bag was a gift from my grandma, who passed it along thinking it looked like something I might find useful (she was right). The beading design does remind me a little bit of a Christmas tree, but I love the colors of the beads and the fabric seems like it could almost pass for beach-y, so we’re saying it’s a spring bag (just go with it).

What I’m Wearing:
Top: AG Pretty and Plaid 
Pants: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY 
Shoes: AG Sweet Spring 
Necklace: Clarisse Original
Bag: Vintage

Style Series- Knowing Your Fabrics Part 1: Quilting Cotton

Whether you make your own clothes or want to be a shopping expert, it’s helpful to know about different fabrics and how they “work.” Aside from color and pattern, different types of fabric can have totally different looks because of the way they drape or hang on the body, especially in doll scale. This series will help you learn more about some fabrics that are often used for doll clothes, so you can know more about how to use them or what to look for when you are shopping!

Part 1: Quilting CottonQuilting Cottons

Quilting cotton is probably the most commonly used fabric, because it comes in tons of amazing colors and patterns! It is one of the easiest fabrics to work with because it doesn’t stretch or get out of shape, and it also presses nicely so that the finished seams are clean and crisp. Always watch out for folds that are in the fabric when you purchase it though- sometimes they can be very difficult to steam out, so always press your fabric before cutting your pieces out to avoid having permanent creases in your finished item. Cotton is great for design elements such as pleats, because it keeps that clean fold, or styles that are fitted and crisp. Although it is tempting to use quilting cotton for everything because of the availability of patterns, your standard quilting cotton may not be a good choice for a skirt or dress that you’d like to have a “flowy” look, because the fabric doesn’t drape that way, especially in a small scale. It also may not work well for something like a pair of pants, which are typically done with a heavier weight fabric.

 “Clarisse Originals” made of cotton: Cotton BlouseCotton works well for a collared blouse, because it is fitted and the collar will stay neat and tidy.
Cotton Dress

This simple wrap dress would work in many different fabrics, but the cotton gives it a classic clean look.

Coral Obsession

Full-shot Close-up2 Shoes Close-up3

Coral is definitely my obsession this season, and considering how easy it is to find right now (hello Isabelle’s coral sweater), it’s probably not just me. It somehow seems to go with almost any other color, and it’s so fresh and cheerful, I just can’t get enough! The problem is, there has to be a point when I do decide enough is enough, which will hopefully be before I spend my entire spring budget on things that are the same color. But hey, there have been worse fashion tragedies.

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY 
Tank: AG Pretty Print 
Pants: JanieJumps on ETSY 
Hat: Clarisse’s Closet on ETSY 
Shoes: AG Molly’s Saddle Shoes