Fancy Free





Today I felt like dressing a little fancier than usual, so I did. Probably because I just got this fabulous dress and decided that being awake was a good enough reason to wear it. I paired it with a turtleneck so that I wouldn’t have to cover all of its fabulousness nor freeze to death. I suppose I’m slowly accepting the fact that it’s getting a little chilly (and by that I mean we got a few inches of legitimate snow this weekend). I’m not ready to fully commit to winter weather, but I can’t say seeing all the holiday decorations and hearing Christmas music at all the stores doesn’t make me want to go full out holiday on you. I tried to keep it subdued, but you wouldn’t be entirely wrong if you thought my ruby red hair ribbon was winking at a certain 25th of December.

What I’m Wearing:


Style Series- Creating a Unique Style Part 1: Mix-and-Match


Creating a style that’s all your own can be difficult, especially when you and many of your peers shop at the same stores. These styling tips will help you break out of the mold and stand out with your own unique style!

Part 1: Mix-and-Match

The easiest way to re-vitalize your wardrobe when you feel like you have a limited number of outfits, is to mix-and-match what you have! Don’t be afraid to choose combinations that you wouldn’t normally put together and try them on. You may be surprised what works when you actually put it on together (or what doesn’t!). Try mixing different patterns or color-blocking solids for a fun statement look, or mix neutrals from different outfits with a cute accessory for a more subdued, but still stylish look. For dresses, try adding a jacket or sweater, or even a tank or tee underneath to give it a different look. Adding a scarf or hat is another great way to spruce up a dress or any outfit to keep it from looking bland, especially in the fall and winter. Once you’ve tried working with what you have, you may find that there are a few basic pieces missing that could really add to your mix-and-match options, so head over to ETSY and find that missing piece! Whether it’s a denim jacket, a pair of straight-leg jeans, a lacey tank-top- I’m sure you’ll find that perfect piece to spice up your wardrobe without having to buy multiple whole outfits.

Outfit pieces shown:

Rainy Day Blues





Some days I like to fight the grey and rainy day blues by dressing in sunny yellows and bright colors, but today, I gave in. Nothing else seemed appropriate. But just because my colors are dull, that doesn’t mean I feel entirely like the soggy pavement, after all I am wearing polka dots, a floral print, and a big hair-bow. I’m a big fan of sweater-tights, as they are a great way to make a fall skirt or dress wearable even in the cold late fall and winter (and I’m a fan of anything in favor of skirts and dresses). These tights are courtesy of Target and this fabulous tutorial: Sock Tights 

What I’m wearing: