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Hair 2  Hair

It has sort of been a life long dream of mine to be the one to play “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight on the new year, and though I’ve been practicing the past couple of days, we will see how confident I feel with a party full of people at the strike of 12. I may chicken out (or be asleep), in which case my New Year’s resolution will be to learn it for next year. Either way, I hope to improve my piano playing in 2014. As for my party attire, I love doing metallics for New Year’s Eve, so this silver skirt was a no-brainer, but the necklace definitely steals the show. I’m so glad that the double-stranded necklace look is fairly popular, as it opens up a whole world of full size necklaces to be used on 18″ gals like us, just by wrapping it twice. I also love doing fun hairstyles for fancy parties, so I went a little braid-crazy and came up with this! The low side bun is a stand-by for me; I think it looks polished, but modern with that little bit of asymmetry.

What I’m wearing:
Skirt and Shoes: AG Frosty Party Outfit
Blouse and Tank: Clarisse Originals
Necklace: Vintage Women’s necklace


Girls’ Night Out



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Camille and I are on our way out to see Frozen tonight (for the second time- it’s so cute!). We’re using the movie as an excuse to wear our finest winter coats, making us feel a little bit like the snowy princess sisters ourselves, which you can’t blame us for after seeing the movie. In case you have never used a muff, you should know that aside from a crown or a cape, it is probably the next best accessory to make you feel like a princess, and it is wonderful.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

What We’re Wearing:
Coat: AG Radiant Rhinestones Outfit
Boots: AG Snowball Sweater and Leggings
Muff: AG Winter Magic Accessories
Pants, Scarf, Headband: Clarisse Originals
Coat: AG Caroline’s Winter Coat
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet Boots
Mittens: AG Samantha’s Holiday Coat
Hat: Clarisse Original

Questions for Clarisse


Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!

Here are some questions that you asked Clarisse:

What’s your favorite etsy store to shop at?Addy
I’ve purchased some very cute things from Closet4Chloe, which has great trendy separates if you are looking for something unique.  Janie Jumps has beautiful clothing and accessories, and is a great source for cute basics. For jewelry, I love 2SistersSewCrafty, which has tons of earrings, necklaces, and other accessories at very reasonable prices.

Where do you find your inspiration?Claire
My favorite way to get inspired is to look at all of the wonderful fashion that’s out there in the world, and that is so easy with the internet! Pinterest is a fabulous resource that I use to get inspired. I love to look at fashion for people of all sizes, not just doll size, and the pictures can offer some great ideas for how to style certain clothing pieces or add accessories in a new way! Stay tuned for more ways to get inspired with my Style Series- Creating a Unique Style!

Silver and Gold





It’s Christmas Eve and I’m just finishing up with wrapping the last few presents and adding them to the collection under the tree. With a family party to attend later, I have my Christmas finery on, with festive touches in every piece. Red tights, a red and green plaid dress, silver shoes, a bow headband, and even gold dots on my blouse, I’m ready for a festive evening! You may question my mixing of silver and gold details, but since the gold is subtle and the Christmas song “Silver and Gold” is from my favorite Christmas movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (whose adorable reindeer girlfriend, also named Clarisse, coincidentally shares my love for bows) I think it is allowed. Merry Christmas Eve!

What I’m wearing:
Dress: AG Molly’s Plaid Jumper
Tights: OG Color Me Plaid
Shoes and Headband: AG Frosty Party Outfit
Blouse: Clarisse Original

Holiday Hipster





I realized this morning as I went to step outside and enjoy a fresh breath of Christmas Eve-Eve air, that I don’t actually have a regular winter coat. I have a fancy holiday coat, tons of warm sweaters and vests, and this fairly warm blazer, but not a plain old warm coat. I hate to trouble Santa with last minute wishes, so I suppose I will have to do some post-holiday shopping to remedy this coat predicament. Luckily it’s pretty warm today (36 degrees), so the blazer was sufficient. For some reason it made me feel rather hipster-y, so I went with it and threw on a bowler hat, oxford shoes and some tortoiseshell glasses to complete the look.

What I’m wearing:
Blazer: AG Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit
Pants: AG Horse Lover Outfit
Scarf: OG Color Me Plaid 
Shoes: AG Molly’s Saddle Shoes
Mittens: AG Kit’s Beret and Mittens
Glassses: AG rectangle glasses 
Hat: Clarisse Original

Party Skirt





I’ve been waiting so patiently for a Christmas party to get to wear this skirt, and finally the day has come. When I found this fabric I couldn’t help but think of wrapping paper, and since I love wrapping and decorating presents, I knew it was destined to be a party skirt. I decided to keep it simple with an ivory sweater, but added a sparkly headband and my favorite pair of kitten heels to provide some contrasting color and a bit of extra fanciness. And so begins the weekend/week of parties and festivities with family and friends, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

What I’m wearing:
Skirt: Clarisse original
Sweater: AG Emily’s accessories
Shoes: AG Midnight Holly 
Headband: Gift from AGPT’s Wickfield


Full shot



Close up


I never thought I’d be into the fur vest trend, but when I saw this one with a cute dress from Target, I couldn’t resist. I figured while I was at it with a statement vest, I may as well pair it with this adorably trendy oversized beret. At least it has all neutral colors, one of which somehow matches perfectly with my green/grey/artichoke/not-sure-what-color-to-call-it cords. And hey, since I made it this far, I may as well throw in some bold jewelry. I’m going to say my neutral color scheme balances out my trendy accessories, as long as we pretend not to notice the bright orange lining of the vest peaking out occasionally.

What I’m wearing:
Vest: OG Floral Dress with Vest
Turtleneck: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Corduroys: AG True Style Outfit
Boots: AG Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit
Hat: By Kate Lauren
Necklace and Bracelet: ShimmerMyst on ETSY

Snow Day






Since we got over a foot of snow yesterday, I reserve the right to claim a snow day and just cozy up by the window all day and gaze out at the wintery wonderland while I’m warm inside with fuzzy socks and tea. Mmmm. So much coziness happening here. I used to be a hot chocolate girl, but I recently switched to tea. I was hesitant at first because I thought it might make me feel like a grown-up, but I think the pompoms on my charmingly obnoxious argyle socks make up for it.

What I’m wearing:
Sweatshirt: By Kate Lauren
Socks and Tights: OG Corduroy Dress
Cowl Scarf: Clarisse Original

Style Series- Creating a Unique Style Part 2: Accessorize

IMG_1779Creating a style that’s all your own can be difficult, especially when you and many of your peers shop at the same stores. These styling tips will help you break out of the mold and stand out with your own unique style!

Part 2: Accessorize

I touched on this briefly in Part 1, but it is important enough to deserve a post of it’s own! Accessorizing is a great way to create a unique style. Scarves, hats, jewelry, belts, purses/bags- these are the key to looking stylish. For the examples, I’m using the shirt-dress from the Pretty and Plaid outfit by American Girl. This is a very versatile dress that with the addition of different accessories, can fit almost anyone’s style!

The first look is for the girly-girl. A demure sweater, a feminine scarf, and hair ribbons are great accessories for when you feel like playing up your girly side! Tights are great choice to stay warm, and boots with a little ruffle are appropriate for the season with a little girlish touch.
Sweater: Emily’s accessories
Scarf: Marisol’s meet 
Boots: Nicki’s meet

Next is the sporty girl. A zip-up jacket, leggings, and sneakers are great outfit pieces for the sporty girl, as they show that even though you are wearing a dress, you are ready to head off to practice after school. A sporty pack is an essential to keep all your gear, and a coordinating headband keeps your hair out of your face in a cute and practical way.

Jacket: Sporty School Outfit
Leggings: Star Hoodie Outfit
Sneakers: Mia’s Meet Outfit
Bag: 2-in-1 Soccer Outfit
Headband: Mia’s Practice Outfit

And third, the chic geek. A uniform-like blazer with knee socks and oxfords show you know how to study, but also look stylish! A pair of over-sized glasses are a great geeky touch, along with a stylish hat and a shoulder tote (for books of course!).
Jacket: Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit
Socks: Ruthie’s Play Outfit
Shoes: Molly’s Saddle Shoes
Glasses: Sweet Peach Glasses
Hat: Kit’s Beret and Mittens
Bag: Gift from AGPT’s Curiouser

Adding those extra little touches really help your personality come out in the way you dress. I used these stereotypical categories to show examples, but you don’t have to pin-hole yourself into a stereotype to define how you dress every day. If you are normally girly but wake up feeling like you want to read the dictionary, let your outfit reflect how you are feeling that day!

Wrapped with bows





Flannel+dress is such a magical combination. It’s the definition of cozy while still looking cute. This one also falls into the wrap dress category, which is a great style because it’s flattering and eliminates the need for scratchy velcro. Insert ruffles and a bow, and you have one cute-cozy-tastic dress. This hat is probably my favorite that I’ve made so far, most likely due to the excessively large bow (in case you haven’t noticed, I really love bows) and that it’s very warm. No icicle ears for me today!

What I’m wearing:
Dress, Hat, Scarf: Clarisse originals
Boots: Sophia’s brand
Tights, Bag: Battat/Our Generation