Style Series- Creating a Unique Style Part 2: Accessorize

IMG_1779Creating a style that’s all your own can be difficult, especially when you and many of your peers shop at the same stores. These styling tips will help you break out of the mold and stand out with your own unique style!

Part 2: Accessorize

I touched on this briefly in Part 1, but it is important enough to deserve a post of it’s own! Accessorizing is a great way to create a unique style. Scarves, hats, jewelry, belts, purses/bags- these are the key to looking stylish. For the examples, I’m using the shirt-dress from the Pretty and Plaid outfit by American Girl. This is a very versatile dress that with the addition of different accessories, can fit almost anyone’s style!

The first look is for the girly-girl. A demure sweater, a feminine scarf, and hair ribbons are great accessories for when you feel like playing up your girly side! Tights are great choice to stay warm, and boots with a little ruffle are appropriate for the season with a little girlish touch.
Sweater: Emily’s accessories
Scarf: Marisol’s meet 
Boots: Nicki’s meet

Next is the sporty girl. A zip-up jacket, leggings, and sneakers are great outfit pieces for the sporty girl, as they show that even though you are wearing a dress, you are ready to head off to practice after school. A sporty pack is an essential to keep all your gear, and a coordinating headband keeps your hair out of your face in a cute and practical way.

Jacket: Sporty School Outfit
Leggings: Star Hoodie Outfit
Sneakers: Mia’s Meet Outfit
Bag: 2-in-1 Soccer Outfit
Headband: Mia’s Practice Outfit

And third, the chic geek. A uniform-like blazer with knee socks and oxfords show you know how to study, but also look stylish! A pair of over-sized glasses are a great geeky touch, along with a stylish hat and a shoulder tote (for books of course!).
Jacket: Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit
Socks: Ruthie’s Play Outfit
Shoes: Molly’s Saddle Shoes
Glasses: Sweet Peach Glasses
Hat: Kit’s Beret and Mittens
Bag: Gift from AGPT’s Curiouser

Adding those extra little touches really help your personality come out in the way you dress. I used these stereotypical categories to show examples, but you don’t have to pin-hole yourself into a stereotype to define how you dress every day. If you are normally girly but wake up feeling like you want to read the dictionary, let your outfit reflect how you are feeling that day!

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