Holiday Hipster





I realized this morning as I went to step outside and enjoy a fresh breath of Christmas Eve-Eve air, that I don’t actually have a regular winter coat. I have a fancy holiday coat, tons of warm sweaters and vests, and this fairly warm blazer, but not a plain old warm coat. I hate to trouble Santa with last minute wishes, so I suppose I will have to do some post-holiday shopping to remedy this coat predicament. Luckily it’s pretty warm today (36 degrees), so the blazer was sufficient. For some reason it made me feel rather hipster-y, so I went with it and threw on a bowler hat, oxford shoes and some tortoiseshell glasses to complete the look.

What I’m wearing:
Blazer: AG Blue-Ribbon Riding Outfit
Pants: AG Horse Lover Outfit
Scarf: OG Color Me Plaid 
Shoes: AG Molly’s Saddle Shoes
Mittens: AG Kit’s Beret and Mittens
Glassses: AG rectangle glasses 
Hat: Clarisse Original


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