Ski Trip

Full-shot Hair Close-up Shoes

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m not actually going on a ski trip today, but when I do, this is exactly what I’ll wear. Can’t you just picture me in this outfit in the toasty lodge, drinking tea and sporting some serious helmet hair and goggle marks? These fleecy boots are perfect because they feel like slippers, but have a nice rubber bottom that won’t get ruined in the slushy snow that gets tracked inside. My sweater was an experiment with some cool self-patterning yarn that I found, and I love the effect! I made a second one in another color, but there is something about that berry color with the heather taupe and grey that just makes me think of all my favorite parts of winter, such as skiing.

What I’m wearing:
Leggings, Boots, Headband: AG Frosty Fair Isle Set
Sweater: Clarisse Original


5 thoughts on “Ski Trip

  1. Clarisse, your cardigan is stunning. The patterning turned out pretty, not busy, and I like the way you use this shade of lilac like a neutral. Classy all around.

  2. Wow! I’ve just found your blog, and it’s made me want to revise my doll’s entire wardrobe! The cardigan is fantastic, by the way!

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