Tucked In

Full-shot Hat Shoes IMG_2963

I’m still waiting for my new winter coat to arrive, but I just loved the way the light was hitting the porch this afternoon, so I had to layer to keep warm. I was also feeling the tucked-in look today, so tucking my shirt in helped keep out the chill, and tucking my pants into my boots kept my hem out of the snow. No one likes soggy hems. As for warm accessories: I like to call this scarf my “Mr. Tumnus scarf,” as it reminds me of the iconic faun with a red scarf by the lamppost in Narnia, and this hat you have seen before.

What I’m wearing:
Flannel: AG Cargo Outfit
Thermal Shirt: AG Wilderness Outfit
Pants and Boots: AG Horse Lover Outfit
Scarf: Vintage
Hat: Clarisse Original

4 thoughts on “Tucked In

  1. Hi Clarisse! I admire your blog so much! A while back, I hoped somebody would do a fashion blog for american girl dolls, and you have done just that 🙂

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