Close-up1 Close-up2 Full-shot Hair Scarf

I love a good messy bun. Who can argue with a stylish way to have a bad hair day? In this case I also used it to keep me from looking too uptight with my silk scarf and fitted embellished sweater. Before I added the scarf, as you can imagine, this outfit was pretty bland. Then pow! Add a little contrast and a little flair, oh the power of accessories! I blame moments like this for my excessive hoarding of fabric scraps. You just never know when a little scrap will end up as the finishing touch on an outfit.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Frosty Party Outfit
Skirt: AG Mia’s Meet Skirt
Boots: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Scarf: Clarisse Original
Hair Clip: Local Beauty Shop


2 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. For a “messy bun” that hairdo looks so great! How do you do it? Your hair is FAB. And the scarf and the clip are just perfect. Oh,yeah,the AG outfits work a ton too.

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