Dancing in the Rain

Close-up2 Hat Close-up ShoesIMG_3353
♫ doo doo doo doodle doo doo doo da doo doodle… ♫
Just the right amount of rain today for splashing through puddles but not getting completely soaked. These raspberry colored wellies are perfect for play because they are made for the rain, but the colors are still cheerful and fun. Who says rainy days always have to be dreary? This is the sweater I mentioned a few weeks ago, that goes with that hat. Isn’t it a delightfully chunky knit?

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: Ebay/Vintage
Jeans: AG store exclusive
Boots: AG Pretty Print Outfit 
Belt: AG Horse Lover Outfit 
Hat: Clarisse Original

2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain

  1. Fabulous as always, Clarisse. Isn’t the sweater part of the old AG Apres-Ski outfit, which also included a red bandana? It was a similar Aran style at any rate. Keep dancing!

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