Pink Lady


This outfit makes me want to go ice skating. I’ve put on this aqua sweater with this pink skirt several times, and every time, I think “I need to find an ice rink.” It could be that the sweater and hat are from AG’s Mia collection, which is based around ice skating, but it’s only when paired with this skirt. Anyway, I’ve yet to find an ice rink, so the snowy back yard will have to do for today. Also, I’ve got some pink-on-pink happening with the skirt and tights, but the shades of pink are just different enough so that it doesn’t look too tacky, especially since only a sliver of the tights really show. Sometimes one shade of pink just isn’t enough!

What I’m Wearing:
Aqua Sweater, Mittens, and Hat: AG Mia’s 2-in-1 Skate
Sweater: AG Kirsten’s Woolens 
Skirt: AG Kit’s School Skirt 
Tights: This Tutorial 
Boots: Sophia’s Brand 


2 thoughts on “Pink Lady

  1. I hadn’t even noticed your pink tights until you mentioned them, Clarisse! Do you store your clothing in any special way–like all blouses together, for instance? I know that when I shop at AG, I tend to keep all the AG things together by collection. I just got Isabelle’s coral sweater and black jacket, and you have me thinking I should loosen up and mix-and-match a little more, but my clothes aren’t organized in such a way as to make that easy! I need to set my closet free! I think.

  2. Another cute outfit. This one looks nice and warm too.
    I saw Alice Sylvia’s comment…I like mixing and matching my outfits, but am starting to worry about getting all the pieces back in the correct box. Any thoughts on how to keep my AG outfits together?
    I’d really like to get a wardrobe for the non-AG items so they don’t float around loose.

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