I had way too much fun with my photo-shoot today. I think I’ve been watching too much “Sherlock” because wearing this hat now makes me feel irrationally mysterious (yet charming) and stealthy. I blame the necklace as well, as its distinguishable antiqueness suggest it may have hidden secrets, wouldn’t you say? I’m not sure why I never thought to borrow it from Cecile before, antique jewelry is always in style. Now step aside, I must find a mystery to solve!

What I’m wearing:
Sweater and Hat: Clarisse Originals
Skirt: AG Plaid Skirt and Sweater 
Boots: AG Pretty and Plaid 
Necklace: AG Cecile’s Meet Accessories 

7 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. This outfit is probably my favorite of all of yours. I love Sherlock too! Both the BBC show and the original stories.

    Your blog is amazing and it’s helped me put together outfits for my dolls.

    ~Mama Hen

  2. That hat is such a winner! Do you make your own? The sweater wins too. Great outfit! I agree with Mama Hen; you help me put outfits together. I see things now that never occurred to me before. Thank you.

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