The Gift

Today I’m going to stray a bit from my usual topic, but I think you will appreciate it none-the-less. Camille had a wonderful birthday, so I just had to share some photos!
First, our favorite board game: Settlers of Catan
Settlers 1Settlers 3Settlers 2   Settlers 4

Then, present time!
Gift 1  Gift 2Gift 3
 Gift 4

I made Camille an Elsa Costume from Disney’s Frozen! I also made an Anna outfit for myself, but I let her friend Annie wear it for the photo-shoot because… well come on, the girl is a spitting image of our favorite Princess Anna!

IMG_4553* IMG_4518* IMG_4610* IMG_4623*

Ok, back to daily fashion tomorrow, I promise!

64 thoughts on “The Gift

      • Gorgeous! I’ve actually created the same Elsa dress, then I came upon your version! I am working on the cape right now and I was wondering hoe you did the gorgeous snowflakes on the edges?

      • i love the outfits. how did you make the shoes for the elsa costume as they look so realistic and the same as the shors elsa wore in yhe movie 🙂

      • I used a basic shoe pattern and added the jagged design. The fabric is a layer of white cotton and a silver mesh that I added with mod podge, which also made them a little stiffer. It was sort of a make-it-up-as-you-go project, but they turned out nice!

  1. Words fail. What exquisite work. How wonderful of you to make such an extraordinary gift! Even down to those perfect little shoes! How did you make them? And the detailing on the top! As I say,words fail. You are amazing.

    • Thank you so much trexplex! For the shoes I took a pair of soles from an old pair of platform sandals, cut the top part of the shoe out of heavy white interfacing, and glued it to the soles. I then covered the whole shoe with that silver mesh-y fabric using Mod Podge. I’m becoming addicted to Mod Podge, it’s useful for so many different things! I used it to make the Settlers game as well, I just printed out pictures of the board and the cards and Mod Podged them onto cardboard!

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  3. Amaaaaazzzzzing!!! Any chance you could share/sell the patterns for those dresses? I’d be happy to pay for them and I have a little nice who would DIE to own them.

      • Please, make more. My 4 year old is in love with your version of Elsa. We are getting her her 1st AG doll for her birthday on June and she wants it to look just like yours! 🙂

  4. These are just beautiful!! Wow, I love them. I am considering making an Elsa dress for my niece and I’m wondering if you could share where you found these perfect fabrics?

    • Hi Natalie! Most of the fabrics were actually just scraps of things I’ve had in my stash for years, and the skirt fabric was from ETSY but is sadly no longer available. The metallic aqua mesh fabric on the cape and bodice is from Joann’s though, and is still available: Sparkle Mesh

  5. Where did you find the sequin fabric? I’m trying to find fabrics to make my daughter’s doll a dress as well, but I’m having a hard time finding the right color and yours has sequins too!!

  6. Hi!
    I did write to you before.. Anyways, I Just want to ask if it’s possible to buy an Anna dress? My daughter Angelina is turning 10 and she loves Anna ( who doesn’t) she has an AG who happens to look just like Anna and I would love to surprise her with this unique and only gift. I know she would love it and appreciate it.
    Your dresses are simply the best I must say. I did looked around before and I was not impressed at all. I’m hopeful… Always.

  7. Can I buy one of those Elsa dresses or do you know where I could find a good realistic one like that?!? Thanks pls reply☺️😊

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  9. PLEASE sell these. I will buy them!!! My daughter just got her first AG doll and these Anna and Elsa dresses are exquisite…she would LOVE them. Gorgeous!

  10. Just discovered your blog and I’m delighted! I will introduce my daughter to AG dolls this Christmas by giving her my old Kirsten doll from years ago. I would love to make a mini Settlers game. How did you do it?

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