Creative Thought Matters


Sometimes you have a light blue sweater when you really need a light blue cardigan. This is where my favorite mantra, “Creative Thought Matters,” comes in handy. I learned it from my friends who attended Skidmore College, where the saying is their motto, and there is not a student there who doesn’t know it. So, when I was putting together this outfit and was feeling a little chilly, I used my problem solving skills and took my light blue sweater, put it on backwards, and voila! Insta-cardi! My scarf conveniently covers the exposed velcro and my long hair covers the detailing on the “back,” so aside from the fact that I just publicly exposed myself, who would know? You can thank Skidmore for this cute outfit.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater/Insta-cardi: AG Frosty Party
Tee: JanieJumps on ETSY
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive
Shoes: Vintage
Scarf and Hat: Clarisse Originals


5 thoughts on “Creative Thought Matters

  1. I could’ve sworn that your shoes were the ones that came with the AG artist’s outfit from awhile back. They are the same style, but have paint splatters on them. Regarding cardigans, turn them around and button them up the back, and you’ve got a sweater!

  2. Cute! I think I read another post a while ago where someone turned Tee’s backwards and used them as shawls….. great idea with the sweater! Love you style, Clarisse!

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