Ruffles and Dots

Full-shot Hair Shoes Close-up

Ruffles, polka-dots, color, sparkles, and jewelry, what more can a girl ask for in an outfit? I’ve been trying to hold out until spring to wear this sweater, but alas I can take it no more. You may be surprised to hear it is from AG’s Bitty line, but somewhat like USPS’s shipping policy, I like to think if it fits, it’s fair game. In fact, when my eyes were opened to the possibilities in the Bitty line, I was surprised at the number of things I wanted to try on for size.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Blossom Outfit 
Top: AG Sparkly Tunic and Jeans
Skirt: JanieJumps on ETSY
Boots: AG Sightseeing Outfit
Bracelet: Shimmermyst on ETSY

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