Metal Rose


I love the balance of edginess and femininity in this outfit with this awesome gunmetal rose necklace and these floral embossed dark-wash jeans. Combined with my bouffant inspired hairdo, oversized black hair flower, and lace-up boots, I feel a bit like an off-duty rocker chick. I have to say, I don’t dislike the feeling. Time to browse Ebay for an electric guitar.

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: By Kate Lauren 
Jeans: Closet4Chloe on ETSY
Tank: Clarisse Original
Necklace: 2SistersSewCrafty on ETSY
Boots: AG Blue Ribbon Riding Outfit
Hair Flower: Local Beauty Supply Store

7 thoughts on “Metal Rose

  1. Oh I think this is SUCH a great look! The “metal rose” itself is in such perfect proportion and pulls the whole look together. Rockin’ good music here! I agree with Xyra,that Vogue–AG Style would be a smashing spin-off publication.

  2. The pintucked shell tank is to die for! I love the way the jacket, which has looked tailored and preppy with other outfits, takes on a rather military-inspired look with this outfit.

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