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I’m following the Olympic skating pretty religiously this year, and it’s been such a different experience than just catching a skate or two here and there. We’re in the heat of the last group in the ladies free skate, but I picked out Polina Edmunds as my favorite American skater to watch because I just love her grace and sweetness on the ice. Sadly I think I’m a bit past my prime to take up skating, but I can always use her for fashion inspiration! I loved the bright color of her short program dress and her signature braided headband hairdo, so I used those as inspiration for my look today. Naturally I wore my floaty skater skirt, conveniently in a fun yellow color, and the rest just seemed to come together. Of course, I had to add a sparkly hair accessory, as a nod to the abundance of sparkles on the fabulous costumes. Now enough writing, the tensions are high on the ice right now!

What I’m wearing:
Shirt: AG Pretty and Plaid
Skirt and Scarf: Clarisse Original
Tights: This Tutorial
Shoes: Vintage

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