You Can Call Me Princess


I would call this look “Kate Middleton goes to prep school.” The classic wool blazer, collared blouse, and A-line khaki skirt have a school-girl feel, but Kate often wears classic jackets and pretty blouses, and of course adding this hat, perched upon my head in a slight forward tilt, was done with Kate in mind. She has such a beautifully elegant style that is great for inspiration, but as you can tell I like to add my own “Clarisse” elements, such as my favorite polka-dot tights and a giant bow on the hat. Kate is also a great inspiration for spring- I can’t wait for a spring event to attend so I can steal ideas from her fabulous garden party looks!

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: AG Blue Ribbon Riding
Blouse: AG Kit’s School Skirt
Skirt and Hat: Clarisse originals
Tights: This Tutorial
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet

4 thoughts on “You Can Call Me Princess

  1. Love this. You do very much resemble Kate Middleton! Love that. Maybe you can get a meet and greet if one of her PR people sees and shows her your blog. 🙂

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