Red Carpet Ready

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I’m all ready for my “Red Carpet” themed Oscars viewing party! With my style reputation, I had to make sure I was dressed to the nines, so I whipped this gown together this weekend just for the occasion. I’ve always loved mermaid dresses, and since a girl doesn’t get many chances to dress up quite this much, I went for a dramatic bias-draped mermaid dress in a fun color combo. Can’t wait to see what all of my favorite celebrities are wearing!

What I’m wearing:
Gown: Clarisse Original
Necklace: AG Shimmery Gold Dress
Hair Piece: Local Beauty Store


8 thoughts on “Red Carpet Ready

  1. Stunning! Just stunning! Love it and just the right amount of bling…plus a great hairstyle…the Fashion Police have nothing on you except best dressed. 🙂

  2. Amazing. I’m a huge fan of pairing colors that don’t “match” in the classic sense. If red and purple match because they’re analagous, and red and pink match because they’re variant saturations of the same color, why on earth should bright red and mauve not look great together? I really like the way the draping and the mermaid hem create curves. I also like the way you added the pink ribbon detailing at the bust to accentuate the curves as well as balance what could be an otherwise austere one-shoulder effect. Lovely.

  3. Yes,the balance and fit are really extraordinary,especially since it was something you “whipped together” over the weekend. You’re so good it makes me grumpy. And the hair! I love the hair! How do you keep your hair looking so good given how often you change styles? Doesn’t it start to look a bit frazzled?

    • I’m honestly also impressed how well my hair has held up considering how much play it’s had since 2005! When I take it down after up-dos like this, I always spritz it with water and gently brush it out to get it smooth and silky again, and so far that has worked for me!

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