Pleasant Surprises


I’m surprised I haven’t done this sock/boot combination before. I’ve always loved the look of tall socks and short boots, and I think these ones pair particularly well with these dark wash skinny jeans, which tuck nicely inside the socks. I’m also pretty sure I’ve never shown off this sweater, yet it is one of my favorite things that I’ve knit. It was one of those experimental projects that turned out much better than I expected, which is a glorious thing in knitting since alterations are not really an option. There’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a knit garment only to find that it does not fit. Just the thought of it gives me chills.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: Clarisse Original
Jeans: Closet4Chloe on ETSY
Bag: Repurposed Pouch Necklace
Socks: AG Ruthie’s Play Outfit
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet
Hat: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY


5 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprises

  1. Love the sweater and the hat looks so good with it. The jeans,sock,and boots combo looks as though it was born to be together. Great look,as usual.

  2. Had you worn this sweater in a previous post? I thought I remembered the bow. The green around the hemline is a great touch.

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