A Horseback Adventure

Camille and Horses Clarisse and Horse Girls and Horses Girls on Horses Girls on Horses2 Clarisse on Horse

Although she loves to dress up as Queen Elsa, Camille’s natural habitat is at the barn wearing her boots, flannel, and a cowgirl hat. I thought it would be fun to join her for a spring ride today, though I’m not nearly as comfortable on a horse as she is. I tried to dress the part (without sacrificing my Clarisse flair of course), but it was “safety first” when it came to the helmet. It’s quite overcast and windy today, but we enjoyed the ride nonetheless, and I will rarely turn down an opportunity to break out the fringy white cowboy boots.

What I’m wearing:
Top: AG Sparkly Tunic and Jeans
Pants: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY
Boots: Vintage (Springfield Collection?)
Jacket: just18inches on ETSY
Helmet: AG Blue Ribbon Riding

What Camille’s wearing:
Flannel: AG Cargo Outfit
Jacket: Exlusively18 on ETSY
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive
Hat: AG Nicki’s Straw Hat
Boots: AG Blue Ribbon Riding

9 thoughts on “A Horseback Adventure

  1. Hi Clarisse! I love the pictures – they’re always beautiful. (: Anyways, I was wondering: What are some good outfit combinations for Isabelle’s Coral Sweater? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!

  2. Well,I must say Camille stole the show here. She looks perfect. I must comment however on your own “lack of contact” with your horse. Love your outfit,but as an old horsewoman myself,I have to suggest you gather up your reins. Other than that,everyone looks great!

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