Borrowed Boho

Full-shot2 Close-upBootsFull-shot1Hat

I have to hand some credit to my friend acuppateawithag over on Instagram for this outfit, because her Sonali has an awesome boho style, which totally inspired this look! I felt like trying something different today, so I dug through our “vintage” (historical) drawer, and pulled out this gem of a skirt, which was inspired by AG’s Josefina collection. Without my friend Sonali, I would have never seen the modern potential in this skirt, and “Boho Clarisse” would have remained tragically undiscovered. Thank goodness for friends!

What I’m wearing:
Skirt: Handmade Vintage
Sweater: Clarisse Original
Hat: Clarisse Original (available in grey)
Boots: AG Horse Lover 
Necklace: ShimmerMyst on ETSY

4 thoughts on “Borrowed Boho

  1. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I actually got inspired from you to do my OOTD’s on my blog!!!

    ~ Violet♥ (a.k.a. Abigali♥)

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