Coral Obsession

Full-shot Close-up2 Shoes Close-up3

Coral is definitely my obsession this season, and considering how easy it is to find right now (hello Isabelle’s coral sweater), it’s probably not just me. It somehow seems to go with almost any other color, and it’s so fresh and cheerful, I just can’t get enough! The problem is, there has to be a point when I do decide enough is enough, which will hopefully be before I spend my entire spring budget on things that are the same color. But hey, there have been worse fashion tragedies.

What I’m wearing:
Jacket: KateLaurenDesigns on ETSY 
Tank: AG Pretty Print 
Pants: JanieJumps on ETSY 
Hat: Clarisse’s Closet on ETSY 
Shoes: AG Molly’s Saddle Shoes 


3 thoughts on “Coral Obsession

  1. Maybe I’m the fashion victim of the deadly “matchy matchy” phenomenon, but I love this look, Clarisse…the pants match the coral details; the coral button on the jackets, and I can handle the blue shoes being just a touch different blue. This is a hit in my book!
    JoJo Allen, who can’t get enough coral.

  2. While shopping the last two days, I have been highly aware of this coral color popping up everywhere. The other thing is, black and white stripes. They are often paired together and it really is cute and trendy.

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