Caramel and Pastel

Full-shot Hair Close-up Purse and Boots Close-up2

I wouldn’t have thought mixing caramel colored leathers with pastels would look that great, but it was working for me today! We are closing in on Easter, so all the pastel colored pieces in my wardrobe are jumping out at me, but it’s good to break it up a bit with more saturated colors to avoid looking like an actual Easter egg. There is a time and place for tacky Christmas attire, but I have a really hard time justifying tacky Easter clothes. I’m all for frilly dresses and hats, but things like THIS just make me sad.

What I’m Wearing:
Jacket: AG Sporty School
Tank: AG Picnic Time 
Skirt: JanieJumps on ETSY
Boots: AG Nicki’s Meet 
Bag: DesignsbyOrvie on ETSY


4 thoughts on “Caramel and Pastel

  1. Oh, no! That cardigan can’t be from Nordstrom…it’s just way too tacky; and, as you noted, sad.

    You’re outfit, on the other hand, is quite lovely. Will you be featuring an Easter Bonnet in the near future?

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