Spring Sheer

Close-up Full-shot   Close-up2ScarfHair

I originally made this sheer blouse to wear for the holiday season, but I’ve decided to repurpose it as a spring piece because it is really handy for layering over tanks! As much as I’d love to prance around in just a tank-top, we have not quite reached an acceptable temperature for such attire, so I have to keep telling myself to appreciate the layering possibilities now before it’s too hot for anything more than a single layer. I did change out my warm sweaters and corduroys for all my summer dresses and shorts in my closet, which is not helping my patience in getting to wear them. Soon Clarisse, soon.

What I’m Wearing:
Tank: AG Bitty Blossom 
Blouse: Clarisse Original
Pants: AG Real Me 
Scarf: AG Marisol’s Meet 
Boots: AG Pretty and Plaid
Glasses: AG Rectangle Glasses 


4 thoughts on “Spring Sheer

  1. This is a very nice look for you. The scarf and the tank go especially well together,and those glasses look sensational on you! I don’t know how you do it but every hair style you wear is really lovely. How much time do you spend on doing a style?

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