Goodbye Beach!

Camille and ClarisseClarisse Close-up Accessories Camille Close-up Sandals Close-up

A colorful skirt, tank, sunglasses, and sandals: our favorite recipe for a summer outfit! We enjoyed a lovely day at the beach, but there is something so comforting about coming in after a day in the sand, getting all cleaned up, and then putting on your favorite summer clothes. It’s our last full day here, and I hate to leave, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to the sewing machine to begin creating all the summer clothes my brain has been cooking up all week! Hope you all have a nice weekend!

What I’m Wearing:
Tank: KateLaurenDesigns on Etsy 
Skirt: JanieJumps on Etsy 
Sunglasses: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy 
Necklace: Local Handmade
Shoes: Springfield Collection 
Belt: BuzzinBea on Etsy 

What Camille is Wearing:
Tank: AG Julie’s Summer Skirt Set 
Skirt: AG Jess’s Meet 
Sandals: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy 
Sunglasses: AG Beach Sunglasses 


Evening on the Beach

Clarisse and CamilleClarisse and Camille2 Clarisse and Camille3  Beach HatClarisse in the Water Sisters Sisters in the Sand

We are thoroughly enjoying our time on the beach! Camille and I snuck away from the family for a few minutes yesterday evening to enjoy a little extra time in the sand while the sun wasn’t quite so hot and took a few pictures to share with you. The water is still cold this early in the year, but it’s nice for wading and swimmable for those brave souls who don’t mind the chill! I started playing around with making straw hats a few weeks ago, and made this one just for our beach trip. I just love how it turned out!

What I’m Wearing:
Swimsuit: AG Emily’s Swimsuit 
Hat: Clarisse Original

What Camille is Wearing:
Swimsuit: AG Julie’s Swim Set 
Hat: AG 2014 Spring Store Exclusive

Bon Voyage!


I’m heading off to the beach for a week!

I’ll probably stop in to share some fun vacation pictures, but I’ll mostly be enjoying the sun with my family, and getting some much needed rest and relaxation!

~See you next week~


Reading Reading Close-up Hair Full-shot FlowersI wouldn’t normally call myself a bookworm, but once in a while I go through a reading phase when all I want to do is curl up on my bed and journey into one wonderful story after another! I’ve been reading The Giver, and knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything productive until I had finished, so I read the rest of it (most of it) this morning. But cozy reading days don’t have to be completely un-cute; I still managed to get into some of my favorite loungy spring clothes and throw my hair into a “stylish” messy-bun. Now to find a new book!

What I’m Wearing:
Top: JanieJumps on Etsy 
Pants: KateLaurenDesigns on Etsy
Glasses: AG Rectangle Glasses 

Red-y for Summer

Close-up Full-shotBagSunglassesHair

Spring is zipping right by, and today it feels like summer! It helps that in a few days I will be heading off for a week-long beach vacation, which is definitely the best way to kick-off the summer. I was playing with a “red” theme today, and stumbled into the pairing of this ancient AG tank and this skirt that I recently purchased. Can you believe how perfectly they go together? It almost seems like the tank has been waiting all these years for its perfect match, and they have finally been united. It may just be my allergies kicking in, but I think I’m getting a little teary at this beautiful notion.

What I’m Wearing:
Tank: AG Picnic Time 
Skirt: Buzzin’ Bea on Etsy 
Boots: AG Saige Meet
Purse: AG Saige Accessories 
Sunglasses: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy 
Hairbow: Vintage

Vintage Pretties- Ending Tonight!

Don’t forget!
The “Vintage Pretties” debut collection auctions end this evening, so be sure to keep an eye on your favorites! This exclusive collection features all one-of-a-kind outfits, so don’t miss out on your chance to add one of these special Clarisse originals to your collection!

HERE is a link to all of the auctions.

To learn more about the collection, click on the “Vintage Pretties” tab at the top right corner of this page.


Raindrops on Roses


Some rainy days are dreary, grey, sad days, but other rainy days are sing-and-dance-in-the-rain kind of days. As you can probably tell, today (for me at least) was the latter. It’s all about perspective. Perhaps it’s my cheerful new umbrella and rain-boots that make me want to sing “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music due to their rose-like pink color. It’s hard to feel gloomy when singing that song, and I do enjoy a good splash through a puddle once in a while!

What I’m Wearing:
Umbrella and boots: AG Rainy Day Set 
Jacket: Clarisse Original
Skirt: AG Bitty Blossom Outfit 

Introducing: “Vintage Pretties”

Vintage Pretties Logo

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The Debut Collection:

The “Vintage Pretties” line by Clarisse’s Closet brings the increasingly popular experience of vintage shopping to the 18” doll world. Each clothing and accessory item is made using primarily vintage fabrics and materials, and each has a one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired design, to emulate the vintage shopping experience. To debut the collection, we have assembled six ensembles featuring a dress and a coordinating accessory or two. These six outfits are listed on Ebay (click on the outfit pages below for auction links), but after the debut collection, the “Vintage Pretties” line will be sold in the Clarisse’s Closet Etsy shop. We look forward to how the line will develop, possibly expanding to offer individual clothing pieces and accessories in addition to complete outfits.

To view more images and details about each of the debut collection outfits, click on the names below:
Beyond the Sea
You Are My Sunshine
Blue Moon
Jump, Jive, and Wail
Goody Goody
Ain’t She Sweet? 


Full-shot Close-up2 Hair Accessories Close-up

I usually avoid “matchy-matchy” outfits like the plague, but today it just happened and I wasn’t in the mood to fight it. I started with the blouse, and then the leggings just made sense, but I couldn’t seem to stop there and the perfectly coordinated shoes and hair flower just seemed to gravitate toward me and nothing else seemed suitable. I threw in the pop-of-color purse as a last ditch effort to break up the ivory and blue, but who’s really fooled. Some days I could swear I have no control over my fashion choices.

What I’m Wearing:

Blouse: AG Julie’s Summer Skirt Set 
Leggings: AGPT Sewing Swap
Belt: BuzzinBea on Etsy 
Bag: AG Saige’s Accessories 
Shoes: AG Ruthie’s Play Outfit 
Hair Flower: Vintage