Reading Reading Close-up Hair Full-shot FlowersI wouldn’t normally call myself a bookworm, but once in a while I go through a reading phase when all I want to do is curl up on my bed and journey into one wonderful story after another! I’ve been reading The Giver, and knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything productive until I had finished, so I read the rest of it (most of it) this morning. But cozy reading days don’t have to be completely un-cute; I still managed to get into some of my favorite loungy spring clothes and throw my hair into a “stylish” messy-bun. Now to find a new book!

What I’m Wearing:
Top: JanieJumps on Etsy 
Pants: KateLaurenDesigns on Etsy
Glasses: AG Rectangle Glasses 


10 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. Clarisse, I love your outfit as always. But it’s your bed linens I want to ask you about. My Rebecca is mad for eggplant-purple and red, and she’s been looking for (literally) years to find bed linens in a sophisticated combination of those colors. Her family is of Ukrainian descent, and she’d really love to have some kind of pattern that evokes Ukrainian design or style. Your bedclothes are inspiring her like crazy. Could you tell us about them?

    • I’d be happy to let you in on my secret- The comforter is actually a pillow sham! It’s from an old bedset of Nicole’s from years ago, but a standard pillow sham works great for a “double-sized” AG bed (I use 2 doll boxes side-by-side for the bed since we don’t have a real one at the moment).

  2. Clarisse, you are bringing out memories of my own past afternoons happily immersed in Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, and, just like you, The Giver! I recently read all of the books in that series, ending with the newest one, Son. BTW, inspired by you, I shopped on eBay and got an AG Pretty and Plaid outfit. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  3. Where did you get your book? I love to read but I have trouble finding doll size books, and the giver is one of my favorites.

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