Evening on the Beach

Clarisse and CamilleClarisse and Camille2 Clarisse and Camille3  Beach HatClarisse in the Water Sisters Sisters in the Sand

We are thoroughly enjoying our time on the beach! Camille and I snuck away from the family for a few minutes yesterday evening to enjoy a little extra time in the sand while the sun wasn’t quite so hot and took a few pictures to share with you. The water is still cold this early in the year, but it’s nice for wading and swimmable for those brave souls who don’t mind the chill! I started playing around with making straw hats a few weeks ago, and made this one just for our beach trip. I just love how it turned out!

What I’m Wearing:
Swimsuit: AG Emily’s Swimsuit 
Hat: Clarisse Original

What Camille is Wearing:
Swimsuit: AG Julie’s Swim Set 
Hat: AG 2014 Spring Store Exclusive


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