Totes Adorbs

Full-shot Close-up Sweater and Blouse   BootsHairFull-shot2

I found myself needing to kill some time at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and picked up Stacy London’s The Truth About Style. It was interesting to get to know her history and how she ended up where she did, plus there are some great make-over stories and photos. She describes one petite young lady as “totes adorbs” (for those of you who don’t understand abbreviation language- this is short for “totally adorable”), and the phrase seemed to stick with me while I was getting dressed today. Something about the pink boots and sparkly cardigan paired with this floral blouse seemed to channel the essence of “totes adorbs.”

What I’m Wearing:
Cardigan: Clarisse’s Closet on Etsy 
Blouse: AG Kit’s School Skirt Set 
Jeans: Closet4Chloe on Etsy 
Boots: AG Rainy Day Set 


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