Frozen Outfits Now Available!

After receiving far more requests than I could even imagine having time to fulfill, I finally made one set of Anna and Elsa costumes to sell. These outfits are very time-consuming detailed projects, and while working on my seasonal modern collections, it took me until now to have the time to focus on them! After much thought, I have decided to sell them via eBay rather than Etsy, so that all of the people who were hoping to get one will get a chance, instead of just whoever sees the listings first.

Here are the listings! (click to go to eBay):

IMG_2534 IMG_2448 IMG_2586

If you missed my original post with the Frozen costumes, see it HERE!

7 thoughts on “Frozen Outfits Now Available!

    • I’m sorry that you are disappointed. I decided eBay was the best way to allow everyone who was interested to have a chance to get the outfits since I’m not able to produce mass quantities of them. It was not my original intention to make the outfits available to purchase, they were made for my own collection, so I am doing what I can!

  1. Those are gorgeous. I bet you sold out quickly. I heard a report that Frozen related items will be huge this Christmas…you may want to start sewing now. 🙂

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