Sundress and Sunbeams

Close-up2Hat1Full-shotHat2Bag and shoesClose-up1

I usually try not to overload you with too many photos of the same outfit, but with the sun gloriously beaming onto the porch this afternoon, I was having way too much fun posing for cool pictures and couldn’t choose my favorites. As for my outfit- I was in a sundress-y mood, so I started there and finally got around to wearing this snazzy fedora that has been waiting for the perfect outfit for its debut. I was very excited to see it in the AG catalog and it does not disappoint!

What I’m Wearing:
Dress: Closet4Chloe on Etsy 
Hat: AG Seaside Tote Set 
Shoes: AG Bitty- Little Hearts 
Bag: Repurposed Pouch Necklace

5 thoughts on “Sundress and Sunbeams

  1. Are you going to do another post today, Clarisse? I wait for you to post every day. Your photos are amazing and you give great fashion tips that help me with my dolls closet.

  2. Hi Clarisse,
    I don’t think I’ve posted on your blog before, but I LOVE it! You are so creative with your outfit combinations, and – of course – quite the seamstress, too! I absolutely adore these photos. That fedora looks stunning with the sundress. I actually like it better this way versus the way AG sells it.

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