Not-so-mellow Yellow

Close-up Full-shot Hair Shoes Close-up2

Today was a bright-and-cheery yellow day! Nothing like some colorful patterned pants and a bright yellow top to keep you in a good mood on a sunny day. I took a little car trip today to visit some friends, so my satchel was handy for all my day-trip needs, and it provided some contrast to the bright colors of the rest of my outfit. I also can’t get enough of these aviator glasses. I highly recommend getting a pair for practical purposes- and style of course!

What I’m Wearing:
Top: Clarisse’s Closet on Etsy 
Pants: KateLaurenDesigns on Etsy 
Shoes: AG Weekend Fun Outfit 
Bag: Battat
Sunglasses: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy 


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