Calm Before the Storm

Full-shotHair Backpack Shoes Close-up

Despite how sunny and pleasant it looks in these pictures, I kid you not when I say that moments after stepping inside, I looked out the window to a torrential downpour and a thunderstorm! Perhaps the weather was mimicking that feeling of the first week of school, when everything seems calm and manageable, and before you know it you hardly have a moment to breathe!
Although my backpack was a gift and is not available on Etsy, here are some of my favorite backpack finds if you haven’t picked yours out yet:

What I’m Wearing:
Sweater: Clarisse Original
Skirt: KateLaurenDesigns
Necklace: EverydayDollwear
Shoes: TheCraftySewingBee 


Beginnings, Confessions, and Into the Unknown

I have a confession to make.


I’ve sort of been holding out on you all, mostly because I wasn’t sure what I needed to say, but here it is: Today I began a year-long school program (which you will at least be happy to know relates to fashion), and I have to come to terms with the fact that it will undoubtedly impact Clarisse’s Closet.

Nicole and I have enjoyed the past 10 months of posting almost daily during the week, bringing you fashion inspiration, tips, and answers to your sticky style situations, and hope you will look back at posts from the last year if you are in need of some fashion pick-me-ups!

What this means for the blog:
If you’ve grown accustomed to checking the blog daily for your dose of doll fashion, we’re sorry to say that posts will be less frequent. Studies must come first! This may mean one or two weekly posts, or even just a monthly post- we can’t say exactly. However, we will continue to post when we are able, and hope that you’ll keep sending “Questions for Clarisse,” because we love answering those! If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the right-hand column of the page and click the “follow” button, so you will receive an e-mail notification when we post something new.

What this means for the shop:
We have lots of great items planned for the fall, and hope to share them with you all soon. Previously our collections have been released all at once, but it is more likely that we will release small groups of items at a time, and fewer quantities of each, so still keep an eye on the Etsy shop!

Thank you all for your support all these months, and we hope you will continue to be friends of Clarisse’s Closet, even as we venture into the unknown territory of this coming academic year and any opportunities that may arise from it.

Love, Clarisse and Nicole

Questions for Clarisse: Saige’s Tunic Outfit

Question from sirhandel2237: “I have Saige’s tunic outfit and want to mix and match with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!”

This is a great outfit to ask about, because it just happens to be on sale right now on the AG website! I used a virtual outfit creating website (Polyvore) to come up with some outfits. There are mostly doll sized pieces, and I filled in the gaps with girl-sized basics that can easily be translated into things your doll may have in her wardrobe. 

Summertime Picnic: This would be a great outfit for a day in the sun! The tunic has a lot of detail, so try something simple on the bottom like a pair of leggings or jeans and sandals. A floppy hat adds a nice accent (again in a neutral color) and the beaded bracelet goes along with the southwestern look of Saige’s collection.
Saige Tunic Outfit 1
Pieces Shown:
Leggings: Tropical Bloom
Hat: Julie’s Birthday Dress
Sandals: Saige’s Sweater Outfit
Bracelet: TheWillowNest on Etsy

Pretty and Preppy- Because the pants are plain white, you can play with lots of color on top and in the accessories! Pick a color scheme to accent the white and add details like a scarf or hair accessory to keep the outfit from looking boring. Try tucking them into tall boots, especially ones like these that have a little color and detail too.
Saige Tunic Outfit 3
Pieces Shown:
Blazer: Bright Stripes Outfit
Boots: Saige’s Parade Outfit

Bright and Bold: In the first tunic outfit I let the top be the focus, but don’t be afraid to try something bold! Play up the colors in the embroidery and your girl will definitely stand out with style. Tucking the tunic into a skirt will also give it a different look.
Saige Tunic Outfit 2
Pieces Shown:
Skirt: Julie’s Summer Skirt Set
Sunglasses: Julie’s Swim Set
Shoes: School Days 

Off to Art Class- Saturated colors work great with white, like this sparkly purple top! Again, use the “white canvas” of the pants to your advantage by adding color in the accessories.
Saige Tunic Outfit 4

Top: Sparkly Camp Outfit
Shoes: Bow-toe Moccasins
Scarf: Thimbledoodle on Etsy
Glasses: Sweet Peach Glasses 


Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!

Where’s the Party?

Close-up2 Full-shot Hat Shoes Close-up

Today I had one of those “all dressed up with nowhere to go” moments, but I was having too much fun getting dressed so I just went with it. Luckily I have all you lovely people as my excuse to wear whatever I feel like, so here you have it: a late-summer party outfit for the event of your imagination! Perhaps a day-time wedding reception? Or a visit to the horse track? Maybe even just a lunch out with friends? Whatever the occasion- a maxi dress, cardigan, and a straw hat is the recipe for quite a stylish outfit indeed.

What I’m Wearing:
Dress: AstoriaAvenueApparel 
Cardigan: Clarisse’s Closet 
Bag: DesignsbyOrvie 
Shoes: AG Sweet Savannah
Hat: Clarisse Original

Pinstripe and Plaid

Close-up Full-shot Hair Bracelet Close-up2

Playing with color combos is always fun, but I decided to mix it up a bit with some patterns today too. A subtle pinstripe is easy to mix with other bolder patterns without being too hard on the eyes, so I went with this gingham top to add a mix of color and pattern to the outfit. It’s hard to believe September is just around the corner and full-length pants have come back into my life! I love shorts and skirts, but a nice pair of colored pants and jeans are wardrobe staples that I dearly miss over the steamy hot summer.

What I’m Wearing:
Blouse: Clarisse’s Closet on Etsy 
Vest: AG Weekend Fun 
Pants: JanieJumps on Etsy 
Bracelet: 2SisterSewCrafty on Etsy 
Shoes: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy

Sun after Rain

Close-up Full-shot Belt  Hair

I almost wore this outfit for pictures yesterday, but it rained all day long and the grey skies would not allow for decent photos, and I thought this outfit deserved a photo-worthy day. Luckily the sun decided to shine today, so now I can share this sweet yet simple outfit. This adorable denim tunic-dress was a gift from a friend, and I just love it for layering! Cropped leggings make it easy to run around and be comfortable, and I thought the western-style belt added a little flair and just the right touch of color.

What I’m Wearing:
Dress: Adin’s Atelier on Etsy
Leggings: AG Star Hoodie 
Belt: AG Horse Lover 
Shoes: AG Jess’s Meet 


Fire1 Full-shot Close-up2 Scarf Close-up Fire2

On Saturday evening, I took a little road trip with my family to Providence, RI for “WaterFire.” It is quite a spectacular event, where part of the city becomes like a festival as everyone gathers around the river, which is lit with floating fires! It was so neat to watch the people go along the river in boats, lighting each fire with a torch. As the fires crackled and grew it became mesmerizing with the calming music that was amplified all along the river. If you are in the area, it’s definitely a fun event to check out (I believe they do it every other Saturday).
As for my outfit, we made a couple garage/estate sale stops along the way, and I picked up this cute vintage scarf to add to my look for our day-trip! I found a couple other fun things too, aren’t garage sales fun?

What I’m Wearing:
Cardigan: AG Bitty Blossom
Top and Shoes: AG Ruthie’s Play
Skirt: Clarisse’s Closet on Etsy 
Bag: Handmade Gift
Scarf: Vintage (handkerchief)


Full-shot Close-up Top Shoes Hat

My brain is definitely in summer mode today! This fun pineapple top inspired my tropical-themed look, and now I feel like I should be off strolling the boardwalk by the ocean and drinking a smoothie! Pink and orange is such a great color combo for summer if you’re not afraid to be bold and have a little fun, and I think this outfit has just the right amount of neutrals to balance the bright colors.

What I’m Wearing:
Top: TheElegantDoll on Etsy 
Skirt: AG Jess’s Meet 
Hat: AG Seaside Tote Set 
Shoes: Springfield Collection 
Belt: Buzzin’ Bea on Etsy 

Questions for Clarisse: The Gardening Outfit

Question from Anne and Ruthie: “We have the AG Gardening Outfit from 2002. It consists of a linen top, open at the back, and a pair of purple linen capris, but we don’t know how else to wear it! The whole set feels dated to us…nobody likes to look 90s unless it’s *very* intentional, am-i-right? We were thinking maybe the top over Saige’s jeggings and sandals, but wondered if you had other ideas. Bless!”

I used to adore this outfit when I was younger, but it has not yet made it into my wardrobe (though after playing around with the possibilities, I’m keeping my eye out for it once again!). I used a virtual outfit creating website (Polyvore) to come up with some outfits. There are mostly doll sized pieces, and I filled in the gaps with girl-sized basics that can easily be translated into things your doll may have in her wardrobe. 

Casual Cutie: Try pairing the pants from the outfit with a cute tee and colorful accessory! Here the bright pink scarf makes the outfit extra stylish, but still easy and fun for a day running around with friends.
Outfit 1

Pieces Shown:
Tee: AG Coconut Cutie
Shoes: AG Bow-toe Moccasins 

 Boho Chic: The peplum look is actually quite popular right now, so this top translates well into a modern outfit! This long floral skirt from Etsy is a great choice not only because of how well the colors complement each other, but because the fit-and-flare cut works well with the peplum-style ruffle so that there isn’t too much poof at the waist (such as with a gathered skirt).
Outfit 2
Pieces Shown:
Skirt: Everyday Dollwear on Etsy 
Shoes: AG Saige’s Sweater Outfit 
Hat: AG Seaside Tote Set 

Vacation ready: I thought the hat from the Gardening outfit actually worked quite well for this touristy look! A fitted sleeveless top balances the loose-fitting pants, and the red adds a more bright and modern contrast to the pastel pants.
Outfit 3
Pieces Shown:
Top: The Glam Doll on Etsy 
Shoes: AG Pretty Party
Bag: AG Saige’s Accessories 

Lookin’ Smart: I just love the new striped blazer from AG, and I think it looks super stylish paired with this top! Try it with a blazer and some leggings or slim fitting jeans and a pair of glasses, and you have the perfect look for back-to-school!
Outfit 4
Pieces Shown:
Blazer: AG Bright Stripes 
Leggings: AG Tropical Bloom 
Shoes: AG Ruffled Hoodie 
Glasses: AG Sweet Peach Glasses 

I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!

Bright and White

Close-up2 Full-shot Close-up Shoes Hair

I love using bright colors to contrast white, and this elegant white eyelet skirt is the perfect piece to use for that. Almost any bright colored top looks fabulous with it, but I chose this flowy floral top today because I also wanted to wear my peach glasses, which were missing and have finally been found (woohoo!). I might be getting a little excited for fall fashion and decided pair some boots with my look; the summer is whizzing by so quickly!

What I’m Wearing:
Blouse: Clarisse’s Closet on Etsy 
Skirt: LaPoupeeBijoux on Etsy 
Boots: AG Horse Lover
Glasses: AG Sweet Peach Glasses