Questions for Clarisse: Saige’s Tunic Outfit

Question from sirhandel2237: “I have Saige’s tunic outfit and want to mix and match with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!”

This is a great outfit to ask about, because it just happens to be on sale right now on the AG website! I used a virtual outfit creating website (Polyvore) to come up with some outfits. There are mostly doll sized pieces, and I filled in the gaps with girl-sized basics that can easily be translated into things your doll may have in her wardrobe. 

Summertime Picnic: This would be a great outfit for a day in the sun! The tunic has a lot of detail, so try something simple on the bottom like a pair of leggings or jeans and sandals. A floppy hat adds a nice accent (again in a neutral color) and the beaded bracelet goes along with the southwestern look of Saige’s collection.
Saige Tunic Outfit 1
Pieces Shown:
Leggings: Tropical Bloom
Hat: Julie’s Birthday Dress
Sandals: Saige’s Sweater Outfit
Bracelet: TheWillowNest on Etsy

Pretty and Preppy- Because the pants are plain white, you can play with lots of color on top and in the accessories! Pick a color scheme to accent the white and add details like a scarf or hair accessory to keep the outfit from looking boring. Try tucking them into tall boots, especially ones like these that have a little color and detail too.
Saige Tunic Outfit 3
Pieces Shown:
Blazer: Bright Stripes Outfit
Boots: Saige’s Parade Outfit

Bright and Bold: In the first tunic outfit I let the top be the focus, but don’t be afraid to try something bold! Play up the colors in the embroidery and your girl will definitely stand out with style. Tucking the tunic into a skirt will also give it a different look.
Saige Tunic Outfit 2
Pieces Shown:
Skirt: Julie’s Summer Skirt Set
Sunglasses: Julie’s Swim Set
Shoes: School Days 

Off to Art Class- Saturated colors work great with white, like this sparkly purple top! Again, use the “white canvas” of the pants to your advantage by adding color in the accessories.
Saige Tunic Outfit 4

Top: Sparkly Camp Outfit
Shoes: Bow-toe Moccasins
Scarf: Thimbledoodle on Etsy
Glasses: Sweet Peach Glasses 


Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!


3 thoughts on “Questions for Clarisse: Saige’s Tunic Outfit

  1. Very cute! I was wondering if you have any ideas for getting more use out of the current My AG meet outfit (I think it’s called the “True Spirit” outfit or something?) I can see using the t-shirt with a pair of jeans or something, but I have no idea what else to do with that skirt.

  2. Hi! So cute! I would like to know how you could mix and match kit’s floral print dress, the star hoodie outfit and the ruffled hoodie outfit. Thank you!

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