Beginnings, Confessions, and Into the Unknown

I have a confession to make.


I’ve sort of been holding out on you all, mostly because I wasn’t sure what I needed to say, but here it is: Today I began a year-long school program (which you will at least be happy to know relates to fashion), and I have to come to terms with the fact that it will undoubtedly impact Clarisse’s Closet.

Nicole and I have enjoyed the past 10 months of posting almost daily during the week, bringing you fashion inspiration, tips, and answers to your sticky style situations, and hope you will look back at posts from the last year if you are in need of some fashion pick-me-ups!

What this means for the blog:
If you’ve grown accustomed to checking the blog daily for your dose of doll fashion, we’re sorry to say that posts will be less frequent. Studies must come first! This may mean one or two weekly posts, or even just a monthly post- we can’t say exactly. However, we will continue to post when we are able, and hope that you’ll keep sending “Questions for Clarisse,” because we love answering those! If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the right-hand column of the page and click the “follow” button, so you will receive an e-mail notification when we post something new.

What this means for the shop:
We have lots of great items planned for the fall, and hope to share them with you all soon. Previously our collections have been released all at once, but it is more likely that we will release small groups of items at a time, and fewer quantities of each, so still keep an eye on the Etsy shop!

Thank you all for your support all these months, and we hope you will continue to be friends of Clarisse’s Closet, even as we venture into the unknown territory of this coming academic year and any opportunities that may arise from it.

Love, Clarisse and Nicole

10 thoughts on “Beginnings, Confessions, and Into the Unknown

  1. First of all,congratulations on your new adventure. I have no doubt that you’ll do an outstanding job in the new program. You know we all wish you the very best in the upcoming year. Second,I’ll miss seeing your regular posts and I do hope you still might be able to manage a few each month.Your blog really has been fun and inspiring.You have a marvelous talent and I look forward to seeing your fine work in the future. I’ll keep an eye on your Etsy store! I’ve loved the items I’ve bought from you. Saige,Molly,Emily,and I wish you a joyous and productive year

  2. Wow! I was not expecting this. Congratulations! I hope that you will still make your posts weekly and I will miss seeing them daily. Just make sure yo make your future posts extra good!

  3. Best wishes on the classes. I’ve said it to others…when you can post…we will wait with baited breath for new installments and get a lovely surprise when your posts appear in our inboxes. Keep up the good work here and in school.

  4. Big congrats on the new school endeavor! That sounds like it’s going to be awesome. No one understands better than my girls at the Bruton School just how tough it is to maintain a full-time school schedule and keep a blog going (not to mention your Etsy shop!). It is hard, hard, hard, which is why Audra posts so inconsistently and infrequently. But you’re right, studies must come first. I know we’ll all look forward to your posts whenever you’re able to share them, Clarisse and Nicole!

  5. I have really enjoyed your blog. Your school year sounds like it holds exciting opportunities! Enjoy and work hard. Your readers understand, even if we’ll miss your frequent posting. ❤

  6. Clarisse and Nicole, wanting to wish you the very, very best in your new endeavor!! Sounds very exciting. We’ll miss you both, not seeing you frequently, but know that the end results will be terrific 😉 We will look forward to seeing you when we can. Good Luck – Melinda C.

  7. All the best wishes to you Clarisse and Nicole! My teenage daughter and I enjoy reading your fashionable posts and translating your tips and ideas to both the dolls in our collection and even our own real life wardrobes! We especially love your “Questions for Clarisse” posts! You are so talented at coming up with great outfit combinations! We will miss your frequent posts, but we will truly enjoy every time you have a chance to post in the future! Hope to hear from you again soon and good luck with school! – Maria B. (kittydollygirl)

  8. Congratulations on the new school! I’m sure it’ll be exciting and you’ll definitely be able to use that knowledge for dolls! I look forward to seeing more posts and totally understand the time difficulties-I’ve had many of them lately!

  9. Congratulations on your new opportunity! Of course academic obligations come first. Though we will welcome any and all posts, don’t ever let the blog become a chore or source of stress. Good luck with your school year and have fun!

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