Pretty Pretty Pinterest

Full-shot Hair Necklace Shoes Close-up

This outfit is entirely formulated according to what Pinterest tells me is in this season. According to my recent feeds, a collared shirt under a sweater, big jewelry, and a tutu skirt = the recipe for fall 2014: exhibit A, B, and C. I went a little bit against the grain with a short-sleeve sweater, but polka dots also seem to fit in with what I’ve been seeing, and I just love it with the chambray shirt. Here’s to being “pin-spired!”

What I’m Wearing:
Sweater-tee: CarolineAugustDesign
Chambray shirt: KateLaurenDesigns
Skirt: AG Winter Magic
Shoes: AG Sweet Savannah
Necklace: EverdayDollwear

10 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Pinterest

  1. Clarisse I need help on what can go with the 2014 Isabelle’s Practice Top because I like to jog with my bear friend so I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! -Ginny

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  3. I’m generally not a fan of the tutu skirt but I really like how you gave it a classy look. That necklace is fabulous and really pulls the whole outfit together. Simply beautiful!

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