Snow at Last

Pippa and Clarisse Pippa2   Boots ClarissePippa and Clarisse 3Pippa 3

There was no snow to be seen around here for Christmastime, but I was very excited to see a sea of white when I looked out my window this morning! Pippa was brave enough to venture out with me for a little while, but we forgot our mittens and soon our cold fingers were begging to go in and warm up by the fireplace (but not before some pictures of course)! She is settling back in at home quite nicely, and is bubbling with ideas for the Clarisse’s Closet Etsy shop- can’t wait to do some more sewing!

What I’m Wearing:
Jacket: InMarigold’sAttic 
Top: AG Wilderness Outfit 
Boots: AG Pretty Print 
Cowl Scarf: Clarisse Original
Hat: Vintage (Ebay)

What Pippa is Wearing:
Sweater and Hat: AG Kirsten’s Woolens 
Vest: AG Nicki’s Ski Wear  
Pants: AG Weekend Fun
Boots: Sophia’s Brand


12 thoughts on “Snow at Last

  1. We got snow this morning also! 🙂 I went outside and, after shoveling, played “snow football” with my siblings. I had so much fun! 🙂 My dolls are really excited to go play in the (inside pretend) snow! 🙂

    CutePolarBear(my polar bear likes looking at the snow!)

  2. How did you take out Grace’s(Pippa’s) braid? Wasn’t it all wavy? Please reply. I am dealing with this problem on my Grace doll. Thank you!

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen a Grace doll photographed and I’ve actually been tempted to buy her. Such lovely photographs :). Your Rebecca custom doll is so beautiful-something about those soft brown eyes!

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