Questions for Clarisse: Grace’s Skirt, Julie’s Pants, and Fun Fedora

I’m having fun reading everyone’s giveaway entries/ style questions! (See HERE for details).
You have until Friday at noon EST to submit your question, so if you haven’t yet, don’t miss out!

I’ve been working on answering your questions via email, but don’t worry if you don’t get a reply by Friday, you are still entered in the giveaway.

A few of you asked about styling particular AG outfits or items, which I love answering on the blog! I picked a few to do today:

Grace’s Meet Skirt, Julie’s Tunic Outfit Pants, and the new Fun Fedora 

To start off, I had to share this picture of Elle from earlier this year, because she worked Grace’s skirt into a great winter outfit with leggings, boots and a sweater. A tucked-in top is a must with this skirt because who would want to hide that adorable bow?

For the rest of the outfits I used a virtual outfit creating website (Polyvore). They are mostly AG pieces, but I filled in the gaps with some things from Etsy and girl-sized basics that can easily be translated into things your doll may have in her wardrobe. 

Here’s a little blast-from-the-past with last year’s Girl of the Year Isabelle’s accessories paired with the skirt! In general, black pairs great with this skirt, letting the skirt be the focus of the outfit. I think the gold purse adds a little touch of something extra to catch your eye, but really it’s all about the skirt and that bow!

Grace Skirt
Pieces Shown:
Jacket and Purse: Isabelle’s Accessories
Boots: AG Fashion Boots
Sunglasses: AG Go Girl Sunglasses 

I think aqua is a nice color to go with this very pink skirt, and since it’s so short, a pair of printed leggings add a great flair and some more coverage (sadly these cute ones are not actually for AG dolls, but you get the idea). A white top (again, tucked in of course!) creates a great backdrop for a colorful beaded necklace.
Grace Skirt 2
Pieces Shown:
Leggings: girl-sized example
Top: Modern Doll World
Shoes: Starry Hoodie Oufit
Necklace: Everyday Dollwear
Earrings: AG Fancy Earrings

Next we have Julie’s Tunic Outfit pants. The bright pink color and wide-legged style make them a tricky piece for a modern wardrobe, but the good news is 70’s looks are definitely trending this year, making bell bottoms a go! I like the idea of mixing different shades of the same hue, so a lighter pink mixes well with the vibrant color of the pants. A top like this that bells out at the hip also creates a nice shape to echo the flare of the pants.
Julie Pink Pans 2
Pieces Shown:
Hat: Grace’s Welcome Gifts 
Top: AmPmCreationsToo
Shoes: AG Sweet Spring

Also try looking for accessories that have a pop of that bright pink to tie in with the pants. Coconut’s glasses in the tee (seriously how do I not have this shirt yet, it’s adorable with everything), the hat band, the flower on the bag- all have little bits of the pink, without making the outfit look too pink-crazy. Like with Grace’s skirt, aqua is a great color to mix with pink, but also use some neutrals like white and natural straw to break up the brightness of the colors.
Julie Pink Pants
Pieces Shown:
Tee: Coconut Cutie
Hat and Bag: Seaside Tote
Shoes: Bow-toe Moccasins

I cannot wait to get this fedora. Bravo AG on adding hats to your accessories line- from a sincere hat lover! I think this hat can look great with so many different looks. This is a great “school” outfit, which is easy and casual, but the hat really takes it up a notch.

Pieces Shown:
Top: Weekend Fun Outfit 
Shoes: Striped Hoodie Outfit 
Skirt: Love to Layer Accessories

Here’s a different casual look featuring an AG store top. This hat is great for taking simple tee’s (like the red ones with the store locations on them that everyone has at least one of) and turning them into more fashionable looks. I went with this purple one because I love the teal band with purple, but teal can work as a pop of color against almost anything, so just try it with whatever you have to see what works!
fedora 3
Pieces Shown:
Top: Sparkle Star Tee 
Shorts: Maddies Girls
Sandals: Saige’s Sweater Outfit
Sunglasses: Sporty Sunglasses 

Personally, I even love this hat with a dressy outfit! It actually helps dress down a look like this, which may seem a little too fancy for some people for an everyday look. The hat gives a menswear-inspired touch to the sweetness of a dress and cardigan, which I think is a really fun combo.

fedora 2
Dress: Modern Doll World 
Cardigan: Kit’s Photographer Outfit 
Sandals: Shimmer and Lace Party Dress 

I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!


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