Questions for Clarisse: Mixing Patterns

Here’s another great question from the style question giveaway: How do I mix patterns in an outfit without them clashing?

Although it may be intimidating to mix patterns in an outfit, it’s also a great way to be creative with your dolls’ wardrobe. Carefully selected prints can be paired together to create a fun fashion statement, but the wrong combination can lead to a fashion disaster! Here are some strategies for mixing patterns that will help you and your dolls stay fashionable, along with some examples I found from some of my favorite Etsy shops! (Click the images to visit the Etsy page).

  • Pick patterns that contrast in density. A busy pattern without a lot of background space paired with a more sparse, or spread-out pattern creates contrast between the patterns.

From Forever18Inches on Etsy

  • Pick patterns that contrast in scale, with one print having larger designs, and the other much smaller. This also creates contrast between the patterns, helping the outfit to not look too busy.

From Unending Treasures on Etsy

  • Having common colors between prints can help them look more cohesive, so try to match pieces that contain similar colors.

From Closet4Chloe

  • Simple geometric prints, such as polka dots, stripes, or gingham, pair well with larger prints such as florals. Particularly if they are in neutral colors, the simple prints can almost serve as a neutral in an outfit.

From Closet4Chloe

  • Use solid colored items to break up an outfit that seems to have too many patterns going on. The solid tank in this next outfit breaks up the patterns in the pants and cardigan.

From 123MulberryStreet on Etsy

  • Small pieces that don’t cover as much “skin” are easier to use when mixing patterns, simply because you’re not seeing as much of the pattern. In this last outfit, the contrasting patterns in the tank and shorts create a fun, bold look, but if the prints were in a long-sleeve tee and long pants, the patterns might be overwhelming.

From EverydayDollwear on Etsy

What are your favorite prints to mix?


3 thoughts on “Questions for Clarisse: Mixing Patterns

  1. You do this very well. I’m not sure I like all combinations, but that’s okay. Even the ones that aren’t for me are stunning. Some people are not at all good at matching patterns.

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