Questions for Clarisse: Lindsey’s Meet Sweatshirt

Here’s another requested restyle: GOTY 2001 Lindsey’s meet sweatshirt! Here is her original outfit:

The following outfits were created using Polyvore, with items from AG, Etsy, Ebay, and a few basic girl-sized pieces to fill in the gaps.

Lindsey in 2015: To start off, I created an outfit similar to Lindsey’s original one, but updated the pieces other than the sweatshirt to be a little more 2015 and less 2001! The khaki moto pants and red converse echo Lindsey’s sporty style, while a plain green V-neck tee makes a nice alternative to her original tee. In lieu of her little red barrette, I added a red beanie hat, which is a popular look right now, and one I can definitely imagine Lindsey rocking as she rides her scooter (or perhaps now she would have moved on to longboarding).

Lindsey's Jacket Outfit 2
Pieces Shown:
V-neck Tee: Camelot’s Treasures
Moto Pants: Maddie’s Girls
Red Sneakers: 18InchDolls
Beanie: Girl sized (Similar Here)

 AGP Bound: This next look plays up the red accents again, and would be a great one for a shopping trip, especially to an AG store! The sweatshirt looks great over a classic AGP tee, and the other red and aqua accents add a fun style to the look.
Lindsey's Jacket Outfit 1
Pieces Shown:
Hat: AG Fun Fedora
Tee: AGP Starry Tee
Shorts: Maddie’s Girls
Bag: AG Molly’s Accessories
Sunglasses: AG Julie’s 2-in-1 Summer Outfit
Shoes: AG Starry Hoodie Outfit

Back to School: This look is a little less bold, focusing on the blues and greens for a more casual, everyday look. Black boots and glasses create a nice contrast, and a coordinating backpack is the perfect school accessory.
Lindsey's Jacket Outfit 3
Pieces Shown:
Tank: AG Ruffled Hoodie
Pants: AG Ivy’s Meet
Glasses: AG Bitty Twins’ Glasses
Boots: AG Addy’s Classic Meet
Backpack: Ebay 

Have a question about Clarisse’s style? Have a piece in your wardrobe that you need help styling? Or are you just in a style rut and can’t seem to find your way out? Leave a comment here or send Clarisse a message via the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page, and Clarisse will answer your fashion questions here on the blog!


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