A (Slightly) Spooky Halloween

I just love a good costume party for Halloween! Last year’s photo-booth party was a blast, so this year we invited some friends over for another costumed get-together! 

I decided to make a special costume for myself this year- a mermaid!

Pippa… trying to be scary, but everyone knows she’s the biggest scaredy-cat at the party!

Camille always likes to be something silly, so we were crafty and made her cupcake!

Theo headed right for the candy and punch…

Then he wanted to see who he could scare, so we turned all the lights off and huddled in around his flashlight to hear a spooky story.

Some of us were not too easily scared… 

But some of us were!

But we all had a great time! Happy Halloween!

Mouse over or click to see our costumes! Whose is your favorite?


11 thoughts on “A (Slightly) Spooky Halloween

  1. Each and every costume is darling and so creative! Truly inspiring! I think the dresses on the clothes line is the winner for me,but the cupcake is such a close second it’s almost a toss-up! Thank you for inviting us to your party!

  2. How wonderful, Clarisse – especially the clothesline! Nicole, have you seen the Dec. AG Catalogue – they have used YOUR idea by having young readers and AG staffers group items into design themes – just like you’ve been doing for a long time. Guess imitation is the best form of flattery! Congrats on your continuing creativity.

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