Spring Collection Release Tonight!

The Spring 2017 collection is almost here! 

The collection will be available on Etsy TONIGHT, March 11 at 8PM EST

Mouse over or click on the images to see names and pricing.


Greetings and a Collection Preview!

Greetings AG fans! I’ve missed you! As you probably noticed, I wasn’t able to do much with Clarisse’s Closet in 2016, which was primarily because my living situation did not allow for much doll/sewing/photography room, but I’m moving to a new house next week, which should mean more space for all of the above! I was inspired to create a small spring collection to get back into the swing of things, so here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come this weekend! I’m planning the release for 8PM EST on Saturday! (Also as a little FYI, I’m currently in a kitty friendly home, so my shop is no longer pet free, though the cats don’t visit the sewing room). More details on the collection will be up soon!