Greetings and a Collection Preview!

Greetings AG fans! I’ve missed you! As you probably noticed, I wasn’t able to do much with Clarisse’s Closet in 2016, which was primarily because my living situation did not allow for much doll/sewing/photography room, but I’m moving to a new house next week, which should mean more space for all of the above! I was inspired to create a small spring collection to get back into the swing of things, so here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come this weekend! I’m planning the release for 8PM EST on Saturday! (Also as a little FYI, I’m currently in a kitty friendly home, so my shop is no longer pet free, though the cats don’t visit the sewing room). More details on the collection will be up soon!


9 thoughts on “Greetings and a Collection Preview!

  1. Beautiful items for your new release. Happy to see you back and hope to see more of your collections. Jackie

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