Frequently Asked Questions:

What doll is Clarisse?
Clarisse is a customized American Girl doll. She started out as Rebecca, but now has brown eyes, Marisol’s wig, and freckles. For more information about customized dolls, see this link: Custom Dolls Wiki 

What are “Clarisse Originals” and can I buy them?
Clarisse Originals are one of a kind items that have been crafted by Clarisse and her photographer. While they are not currently available for sale, we hope that they inspire you in looking for special pieces, or in your own crafting!

How do you make hats and where did you get your hat block?
Here are the posts showing how I make felt hats: Part 1 Part 2
The hat block that I use was an Ebay find that I had a friend modify to fit 18″ girls. Unfortunately I cannot provide a regular source for 18″ doll sized hat blocks.

Can I order a custom Anna or Elsa outfit like the ones you made from Frozen?
While I did offer a few of these for sale at one point, I do not have plans to make any more Anna and Elsa outfits at this time.

If you have other questions, send Clarisse a message by clicking on the “Contact Me” tab at the top of the page!