Meet the Photographer

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Meet My Photographer and Co-Designer: Nicole Marie

An enthusiast for all things arts, Nicole Marie has a BA in Music, an AAS in Fashion Merchandising, and has studied costume and clothing design. She has also been involved in dance, theater, studio arts, and photography, and enjoys almost any type of crafting. When she received her first American Girl doll at the age of 8, she began designing and crafting for dolls, and since then her hobby has become so much more. As she started to become drawn to fashion and design in school, her love for the perfectly sized 18″ models (who are always there when you need them) was rekindled, and she was able to combine her more mature understanding of design with the playful nature of dolls to create everything from costume replicas and runway-worthy looks, to everyday fashion that even she would love to wear. She now designs the Clarisse’s Closet collections and has created countless custom ensembles for collectors over the past few years. Looking toward a career in fashion, she has found an exciting way to inspire others and share her enthusiasm for style and dolls by teaming up with me (Clarisse) to bring you Clarisse’s Closet.

Photo by Lucy Schultz Photography