A Touch of Pink

Close-up Full-shot  Headband ShoesClose-up2

I’m all about the pink accents today! A bit on my blouse, a rosette headband, and of course these adorable striped sandals- just the right amount of color to complement my white and navy. Pops of color are always a fun way to spice up an outfit!

In other news- Elsa and Anna auctions end within the hour! Don’t forget to check them out!




Frozen Outfits Now Available!

After receiving far more requests than I could even imagine having time to fulfill, I finally made one set of Anna and Elsa costumes to sell. These outfits are very time-consuming detailed projects, and while working on my seasonal modern collections, it took me until now to have the time to focus on them! After much thought, I have decided to sell them via eBay rather than Etsy, so that all of the people who were hoping to get one will get a chance, instead of just whoever sees the listings first.

Here are the listings! (click to go to eBay):

IMG_2534 IMG_2448 IMG_2586

If you missed my original post with the Frozen costumes, see it HERE!

The Gift

Today I’m going to stray a bit from my usual topic, but I think you will appreciate it none-the-less. Camille had a wonderful birthday, so I just had to share some photos!
First, our favorite board game: Settlers of Catan
Settlers 1Settlers 3Settlers 2   Settlers 4

Then, present time!
Gift 1  Gift 2Gift 3
 Gift 4

I made Camille an Elsa Costume from Disney’s Frozen! I also made an Anna outfit for myself, but I let her friend Annie wear it for the photo-shoot because… well come on, the girl is a spitting image of our favorite Princess Anna!

IMG_4553* IMG_4518* IMG_4610* IMG_4623*

Ok, back to daily fashion tomorrow, I promise!

Girls’ Night Out



Close-up2 Close-up3

Camille and I are on our way out to see Frozen tonight (for the second time- it’s so cute!). We’re using the movie as an excuse to wear our finest winter coats, making us feel a little bit like the snowy princess sisters ourselves, which you can’t blame us for after seeing the movie. In case you have never used a muff, you should know that aside from a crown or a cape, it is probably the next best accessory to make you feel like a princess, and it is wonderful.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

What We’re Wearing:
Coat: AG Radiant Rhinestones Outfit
Boots: AG Snowball Sweater and Leggings
Muff: AG Winter Magic Accessories
Pants, Scarf, Headband: Clarisse Originals
Coat: AG Caroline’s Winter Coat
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet Boots
Mittens: AG Samantha’s Holiday Coat
Hat: Clarisse Original