Winter Wear

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In light of the snow storm that just hit (though not as badly as we expected) I decided to go with an icy blue sweater and some snowy print leggings today as I got ready to head over to the library to do some homework. I didn’t want to be too washed out though, so I threw on a dark colored scarf to add a little contrast. And of course, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere in this snow without some trusty boots!

What I’m Wearing:
Sweater: AG Frosty Party 
Skirt: Clarisse Original
Leggings: CarolineAugustDesign 
Scarf: OG “Color Me Plaid”
Boots: Sophia’s Brand
Bag: Handmade Gift
(Pen from OG “Plaid to Meet You” set)

In other news, I’ve been working on a winter collection! Be sure to check out the new items in the Etsy shop this Thursday at 8 PM EST!


A Bit of Bitty

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Another gorgeous day! This is certainly not the first time I have shown off the potential of this Bitty skirt (and definitely not the last), but on this shining summer day, I’m once again feeling the love for this embellished mini skirt. I went with an oversized hair-bow and large bag to balance the mini-ness of the skirt and the petite floral print of my tee, and the wedge espadrilles make me feel a little more grown up, which is never a bad thing when crossing over to AG’s Bitty line. I mean who isn’t eyeing the new Bitty Twin glasses? Some seriously stylish toddler accessories right there.

What I’m Wearing:
Tee: JanieJumps on Etsy 
Skirt: Bitty Blossom 
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: AG Sweet Spring 
Hair-Bow: Local Beauty Shop

Red-y for Summer

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Spring is zipping right by, and today it feels like summer! It helps that in a few days I will be heading off for a week-long beach vacation, which is definitely the best way to kick-off the summer. I was playing with a “red” theme today, and stumbled into the pairing of this ancient AG tank and this skirt that I recently purchased. Can you believe how perfectly they go together? It almost seems like the tank has been waiting all these years for its perfect match, and they have finally been united. It may just be my allergies kicking in, but I think I’m getting a little teary at this beautiful notion.

What I’m Wearing:
Tank: AG Picnic Time 
Skirt: Buzzin’ Bea on Etsy 
Boots: AG Saige Meet
Purse: AG Saige Accessories 
Sunglasses: TheCraftySewingBee on Etsy 
Hairbow: Vintage

Put a Bow on It


I decided to wait until the sun was setting to take photos today, just to change things up a bit. It was a little windy out, but it was pleasant to admire the red sky as the sun set. I’m not really sure what inspired my outfit today, I guess I was just feeling the half-business-casual look. I actually started with the striped button-up, and nothing but a blazer-style jacket seemed to go. The hair-bow was a last-ditch effort to not look too grown up. When in doubt, “put a bird  bow on it!”

What I’m wearing:
Button-up: AG Blue Ribbon Riding Outfit
Jacket: By Kate Lauren
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive  
Shoes: AG True Style Outfit
Scarf: Clarisse Original


Oldies but Goodies





I’m not sure at what point an item of clothing goes from being “old” to being “vintage.” This hand-me down jumper is probably right on the cusp, but hey. It’s warm and wooly, it has a really cute A-line shape, and it’s great for layering. This hat on the other hand, from American Girl’s vintage 1930’s “Kit” line, definitely qualifies as vintage chic. The Kit line has a lot of great items that can definitely add a little vintage touch to your wardrobe. The plaid flannel- another winter essential that is very popular right now- is a great way to stay comfy and cozy while still looking up to date. Does it make up for my ultra 90’s jumper? I’ll let you decide.

What I’m wearing:
Flannel: AG Cargo Outfit 
Jumper: AG School Jumper
Hat: AG Kit’s Beret and Mittens
Boots: AG Addy’s Meet Boots

Rainy Day Blues





Some days I like to fight the grey and rainy day blues by dressing in sunny yellows and bright colors, but today, I gave in. Nothing else seemed appropriate. But just because my colors are dull, that doesn’t mean I feel entirely like the soggy pavement, after all I am wearing polka dots, a floral print, and a big hair-bow. I’m a big fan of sweater-tights, as they are a great way to make a fall skirt or dress wearable even in the cold late fall and winter (and I’m a fan of anything in favor of skirts and dresses). These tights are courtesy of Target and this fabulous tutorial: Sock Tights 

What I’m wearing: