Style Series- Knowing Your Fabrics Part 2: Jersey Knit

Whether you make your own clothes or want to be a shopping expert, it’s helpful to know about different fabrics and how they “work.” Aside from color and pattern, different types of fabric can have totally different looks because of the way they drape or hang on the body, especially in doll scale. This series will help you learn more about some fabrics that are often used for doll clothes, so you can know more about how to use them or what to look for when you are shopping!

Part 2: Jersey Knit

Jersey Fabric

Jersey knit is a very versatile fabric. It is generally lightweight, and can be made of many different materials such as cotton, rayon, polyester, or even silk. If you look closely, it looks similar to knitting done by hand, with “v” shaped stitches on one side and horizontal stitches on the wrong side, but the stitches are very tiny! Jersey knit can be used for anything from tee-shirts and sweaters, to skirts and dresses, and is very soft with a nice drape. It also doesn’t “fray” because the thread is knit instead of woven, though it can get pulls if not handled carefully. Also, because it stretches, it can be difficult to stitch without stretching the fabric as you sew. A helpful thing to keep in mind with knits, is that your iron is your best friend (as long as it is on an appropriate heat setting for the material- otherwise, not your friend!). If your seam comes out a little stretched, use the steam from your iron to “ease” it back into shape. It makes the world of difference!
*A tip from Clarisse: For seams that need to retain as much stretch as possible, try using a very tiny zig-zag (the smallest one possible, so it is barely noticeable), to allow the seam to have a little extra give. If the seam is too tight, then when the fabric stretches, it may cause the seam to rip.

A close-up of jersey knit- right side (top) and wrong side (bottom)
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Jersey Close-up

 “Clarisse’s Closet” sweaters made of jersey knit:
Jersey Sweaters