Easy DIY Necklace Tutorial

I’ve had a few requests for a tutorial on making doll necklaces from jewelry stands (as seen in this post and this post), so I decided to do one in video form! It’s super simple and quick, and will have you looking at the jewelry section of your favorite craft store in a whole new light!



Close-up Necklace Full-shot
Hair 2  Hair

It has sort of been a life long dream of mine to be the one to play “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight on the new year, and though I’ve been practicing the past couple of days, we will see how confident I feel with a party full of people at the strike of 12. I may chicken out (or be asleep), in which case my New Year’s resolution will be to learn it for next year. Either way, I hope to improve my piano playing in 2014. As for my party attire, I love doing metallics for New Year’s Eve, so this silver skirt was a no-brainer, but the necklace definitely steals the show. I’m so glad that the double-stranded necklace look is fairly popular, as it opens up a whole world of full size necklaces to be used on 18″ gals like us, just by wrapping it twice. I also love doing fun hairstyles for fancy parties, so I went a little braid-crazy and came up with this! The low side bun is a stand-by for me; I think it looks polished, but modern with that little bit of asymmetry.

What I’m wearing:
Skirt and Shoes: AG Frosty Party Outfit
Blouse and Tank: Clarisse Originals
Necklace: Vintage Women’s necklace