DIY Fringed Scarf: No-Sew Tutorial

Looking for the perfect accessory for spring and summer?
Here’s one way to make your own stylish scarf without having to sew a stitch! Click on the image below to view the tutorial.

**Check back soon to learn over a dozen ways to style and wear your square fringed scarf!**

No-Sew DIY Fringed Scarf Tutorial


Creative Thought Matters


Sometimes you have a light blue sweater when you really need a light blue cardigan. This is where my favorite mantra, “Creative Thought Matters,” comes in handy. I learned it from my friends who attended Skidmore College, where the saying is their motto, and there is not a student there who doesn’t know it. So, when I was putting together this outfit and was feeling a little chilly, I used my problem solving skills and took my light blue sweater, put it on backwards, and voila! Insta-cardi! My scarf conveniently covers the exposed velcro and my long hair covers the detailing on the “back,” so aside from the fact that I just publicly exposed myself, who would know? You can thank Skidmore for this cute outfit.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater/Insta-cardi: AG Frosty Party
Tee: JanieJumps on ETSY
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive
Shoes: Vintage
Scarf and Hat: Clarisse Originals

Put a Bow on It


I decided to wait until the sun was setting to take photos today, just to change things up a bit. It was a little windy out, but it was pleasant to admire the red sky as the sun set. I’m not really sure what inspired my outfit today, I guess I was just feeling the half-business-casual look. I actually started with the striped button-up, and nothing but a blazer-style jacket seemed to go. The hair-bow was a last-ditch effort to not look too grown up. When in doubt, “put a bird  bow on it!”

What I’m wearing:
Button-up: AG Blue Ribbon Riding Outfit
Jacket: By Kate Lauren
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive  
Shoes: AG True Style Outfit
Scarf: Clarisse Original


Hint of Spring


Don’t let the beaming sunshine fool you, it’s still only 10 degrees. But hey, if it’s going to look like spring is coming, I’m going to dress at least a little like spring is coming. I’m loving this peachy pink and lime green color combo, and I managed to work in this funky furry vest again, plus I totally forgot I left these boots in the box they came in until yesterday, so I’m feeling like a real winner today. And it’s only 10:30 AM. It’s going to be a good day.

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Isabelle’s Coral Sweater
Pants: AG Horse Lover Outfit
Vest: OG Faux Keeps 
Boots: AG Pretty and Plaid Dress
Hat and Scarf: Clarisse Originals

Washed Away

Full-shot Close-up1 Scarf Hat Close-up2

Which is the best day for it to rain and wash away all of the glorious snow? The day my new coat arrives, of course! I’m not amused. And it was in the negatives only 2 days ago. Well, I have hope that we have not seen the last of the snow, but I decided to show off my coat today anyway, even though it would look so much prettier in contrast to a blanket of fluffy white magic. I spent a good amount of time searching for one, but this one caught my eye because it is a nice neutral color, is a great cut (the Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat), and it came with a rockin’ scarf with fabulous colors. And it was reasonably priced! What more can a girl ask for? Oh wait, snow. I also wanted the snow.

What I’m wearing:
Coat and Scarf: In Marigold’s Attic on ETSY
Shirt: AG Sparkly Tunic and Jeans
Pants: AG Real Me Outfit
Boots: AG Blue Ribbon Riding
Hat: Clarisse Original