Winter Wear

Full-shot    HairClose-upBagClose-up2

In light of the snow storm that just hit (though not as badly as we expected) I decided to go with an icy blue sweater and some snowy print leggings today as I got ready to head over to the library to do some homework. I didn’t want to be too washed out though, so I threw on a dark colored scarf to add a little contrast. And of course, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere in this snow without some trusty boots!

What I’m Wearing:
Sweater: AG Frosty Party 
Skirt: Clarisse Original
Leggings: CarolineAugustDesign 
Scarf: OG “Color Me Plaid”
Boots: Sophia’s Brand
Bag: Handmade Gift
(Pen from OG “Plaid to Meet You” set)

In other news, I’ve been working on a winter collection! Be sure to check out the new items in the Etsy shop this Thursday at 8 PM EST!


Snow at Last

Pippa and Clarisse Pippa2   Boots ClarissePippa and Clarisse 3Pippa 3

There was no snow to be seen around here for Christmastime, but I was very excited to see a sea of white when I looked out my window this morning! Pippa was brave enough to venture out with me for a little while, but we forgot our mittens and soon our cold fingers were begging to go in and warm up by the fireplace (but not before some pictures of course)! She is settling back in at home quite nicely, and is bubbling with ideas for the Clarisse’s Closet Etsy shop- can’t wait to do some more sewing!

What I’m Wearing:
Jacket: InMarigold’sAttic 
Top: AG Wilderness Outfit 
Boots: AG Pretty Print 
Cowl Scarf: Clarisse Original
Hat: Vintage (Ebay)

What Pippa is Wearing:
Sweater and Hat: AG Kirsten’s Woolens 
Vest: AG Nicki’s Ski Wear  
Pants: AG Weekend Fun
Boots: Sophia’s Brand


Close-up Full-shot Hat Mittens Close-up2

Ahhh snow. How I adore thee. That moment when you first look out the window in the morning and all you see is a glistening sea of white is as sweet as taking a bite of chocolate. I hardly need an excuse to get out and catch snowflakes, so naturally I bundled up in mittens, a hat, boots, and a furry neck-warmer today, and headed out into the winter wonderland fun. True, it is not much fun for driving, but it is definitely much fun for snowy photos.

What I’m wearing:
Coat: In Marigold’s Attic on ETSY 
Sweater: AG Frosty Party Outfit 
Jeans: AG Store Exclusive 
Boots: AG Snowball Sweater and Leggings
Legwarmers: AG Mia’s 2-in-1 Skate Outfit 
Mittens and Hat: AG Kit’s Beret and Mittens 
Neck-warmer: AG Winter Magic Outfit 

Pink Lady


This outfit makes me want to go ice skating. I’ve put on this aqua sweater with this pink skirt several times, and every time, I think “I need to find an ice rink.” It could be that the sweater and hat are from AG’s Mia collection, which is based around ice skating, but it’s only when paired with this skirt. Anyway, I’ve yet to find an ice rink, so the snowy back yard will have to do for today. Also, I’ve got some pink-on-pink happening with the skirt and tights, but the shades of pink are just different enough so that it doesn’t look too tacky, especially since only a sliver of the tights really show. Sometimes one shade of pink just isn’t enough!

What I’m Wearing:
Aqua Sweater, Mittens, and Hat: AG Mia’s 2-in-1 Skate
Sweater: AG Kirsten’s Woolens 
Skirt: AG Kit’s School Skirt 
Tights: This Tutorial 
Boots: Sophia’s Brand 

Snow Day






Since we got over a foot of snow yesterday, I reserve the right to claim a snow day and just cozy up by the window all day and gaze out at the wintery wonderland while I’m warm inside with fuzzy socks and tea. Mmmm. So much coziness happening here. I used to be a hot chocolate girl, but I recently switched to tea. I was hesitant at first because I thought it might make me feel like a grown-up, but I think the pompoms on my charmingly obnoxious argyle socks make up for it.

What I’m wearing:
Sweatshirt: By Kate Lauren
Socks and Tights: OG Corduroy Dress
Cowl Scarf: Clarisse Original

Fresh Footprints





At last, a true layer of snow on the ground. There is something so warm and fuzzy about making fresh footprints with my boots in virgin snow. Well, warm and fuzzy for my feet that are enveloped in fur and warmness in my boots. My fingers were another story. If only my hands weren’t so stinking big I could make myself pockets big enough for more than my thumb. But alas, we all have our insecurities and things we wish we could change. I won’t even get going on the abnormally large size of my head. Atop my oversized head however, I am proud to debut my hat, which is one of many wool felt hats I have been experimenting with making. Perfect for tiny snowflakes to cling to!

What I’m wearing:
Sweater: AG Kirsten’s Knit Woolens
Thermal: AG Wilderness Outfit
Boots: AG Snowball Sweater and Leggings
Pants, Scarf, Hat: Clarisse Originals